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A Whole New World: How (and Why) to Focus on Online Major Gifts

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Major gifts fundraising has traditionally taken place primarily face-to-face. Major gifts officers focus on building close relationships with their biggest supporters, and they spend tons of time, effort, and deliberation crafting the perfect ask.

But what if we told you that online major gifts fundraising is possible… and that it’s growing in popularity? And that you can you can use it in those in-person asks to get larger donations faster?

This webinar will focus on how to make major gift giving online easy and compelling! We’ll give you actionable tips on how to implement online giving specifically focused on major donors, many of whom have been waiting for this option.

Key points will include:

  • The current experience for major donors attempting to make gifts online is poor
  • Making major gifts online should be almost as seamless as an eCommerce experience
  • You can raise gift amounts by making online giving easy and compelling for your major donors

Ready to enter a whole new world of major gifts fundraising? Project Donor Love is here to make it happen!