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1000 New Donors – Course Introduction, by IMission Institute

1000 New Donors – Course Introduction is FREE courtesy of IMission Institute

1 Lesson / 7 Minutes / FREE

ould your nonprofit use 1000 new donors? We all know that the answer is a resounding yes. Your nonprofit’s ability to make our world a fairer, healthier and more humane place can be turbo-charged by a growing list of new donors. Donor power goes beyond money. When you’re adding new donors, you’re also adding volunteers and advocates. Each supporter connects to a wide network of friends, colleagues and family members, bringing an even larger pool of resources to the aid of your mission. This is an overview class to the iMission Institute course, Getting Your Next 1000 Donors. In this video, you learn how to use a powerful concept known as the Engagement Funnel to help your nonprofit find its next one thousand donors. If it makes sense, check out the entire course at

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