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12 Tips to Better Nonprofit Emails, by Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits

12 Tips to Better Nonprofit Emails is FREE courtesy of Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits

Study after study shows that the return on investment for email marketing is high, and the reasons why are pretty self-evident. 

The cost associated with sending mass emails to your subscribers runs from free to not terribly expensive, depending on the size or your email list and the program you use. Email is more targeted and therefore more effective than social media (usually by a factor of three or four), and it costs a whole lot less than a direct mail appeal.

But can you make slight tweaks to make your emails even more effective? Simple tips, tricks, and tools that can save you from the dreaded spam filter and make it more likely your recipients will open your email and respond? 

Why, yes, there are – and Iā€™m going to share 12 of them with you in this podcast.

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