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23 Questions You Need To Answer Before Starting A Nonprofit Organization, by Nonprofit Utopia

23 Questions You Need To Answer Before Starting A Nonprofit Organization is FREE courtesy of Nonprofit Utopia

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If your experience is anything like mine was when I was running a small neighborhood-based grant making organization, you have a tendency to see the community’s problems and come up with a solution based on your own world view. In fact, you may even build the structure and process for addressing the issues, and hope that people will come along. Sometimes you’re right, and sometimes you’re wrong.

Why take a chance developing an initiative the community may not need or want?

Even worse, what if, after starting, you find that running the initiative requires much more of you than you are willing to give to make it successful?

Wouldn’t it be better to follow the old adage, “look before you leap”?

This webinar is designed to help you sort things out before you start a new initiative. You will:

Learn how to approach the nonprofit marketplace with more than your emotions and “gut” feelings

Better understand how to determine whether your idea has potential, or whether it should be scrapped altogether.

Reflect on your “why” for doing the work you do

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