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3 ways to get more social media followers, by Get Fully Funded

3 ways to get more social media followers is FREE courtesy of Get Fully Funded

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Get ready to write the fundraising plan that FINALLY fully funds your budget… even during a pandemic.

It’s time to get out of reactive mode and move into greater productivity with a written fundraising plan.

You need a plan to create the kind of mind-blowing revenue your nonprofit needs all while helping you save your sanity!

Join me for this year’s Fundraising Blueprint Virtual Workshop February 4th from 10 am -4 pm eastern

What you’ll learn: – How to review your numbers from last year so you don’t waste time repeating the losers. – How to set the One Big Goal you need to keep you focused and eliminate distractions. – The 3 critical targets your plan must include so you reach a level of predictable success. – How to play to your strengths so your plan doesn’t push you too far outside your comfort zone. – The right strategies for you that will generate the return on investment you want and need without working 24/7. – The planning template you should use (because it’s not a real plan if it’s in your head!). – Course correcting once you start using your plan so you can easily get back on track if you veer off.

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