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5 Fundraising Ideas from the Best New Fundraising Research with Brady Josephson, by NextAfter

5 Fundraising Ideas from the Best New Fundraising Research with Brady Josephson is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

1 Lesson / 84 Minutes / FREE

New fundraising and philanthropy research is being conducted all the time.

The problem is that learnings from new research of take a long time to make it into the hand of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers – despite the potential for new research to help you make a sizeable improvement to your bottom line.

Brady Josephson, the managing director of the NextAfter Institute, has done the hard work of gathering up all the latest fundraising research from 2019. And in this webinar, he shares with you the most important learnings from the best new research.

In the live webinar, you’ll see some of the top fundraising and philanthropy research from 2019, and you’ll walk away with actionable ideas and insights for your fundraising including:

– When to send fundraising emails
– How to get more recurring donors online
– What communication you should send to new donors
– How social fundraising donors compare to “regular” donors

This webinar is a must-watch for marketers and fundraisers who a) want to be in the know on the latest research and/or b) want to get data-driven and practical ideas to grow your fundraising.

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