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9 Ways You Can Build Effective Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns, by Lorman

9 Ways You Can Build Effective Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns is brought to you by Lorman

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The latest research shows that two-thirds of email opens now occur on tablets and smartphones, but many email marketers are still acting like their customers are reading email from a computer at home. To take email marketing to the next level – and build truly effective mobile email marketing campaigns – marketers have to think context. By thinking about contextual marketing and how to create mobile-first emails, it’s possible to build more personalized, more responsive and more effective campaigns than ever before.

• Why mobile email marketing isn’t the same as traditional email marketing
• The problems with traditional digital marketing today
• Why contextual marketing is the biggest thing since content
• How to create mobile-first emails that go beyond design
• 9 ways brands are using contextual content in emails to create more responsive and ultimately more effective campaigns

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