97 Kinds of Fundraising Writing

97 Kinds of Writing for Fundraising

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A quick, helpful guide that puts the work of fundraising in perspective.

Matt Hugg developed this piece for a seminar he was giving on fundraising writing for a local professional organization. It started as an exercise in curiosity: just how many kinds of writing for fundraising were there?

He tells us “after I came up with my list, I asked around and found some more. I was shocked!” And you may be too. Not only were there nearly 100 (and maybe you’ll give him three more to make it an even 100?) but they fell into three categories:

  • Their use (type)
  • Their length,
  • Whether they’re used before, during and after a solicitation.

Everyone who received the chart said it helped them see what was involved to carry out a fundraising method, and the chart could also be used as a checklist so they didn’t miss any important steps. 

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