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A Manager’s Guide to Predictive Scheduling, by Lorman

A Manager’s Guide to Predictive Scheduling is brought to you by Lorman

Understand your employer’s obligations, if any, under the predictive scheduling ordinance in your jurisdiction.

Many local governments are enacting predictive scheduling ordinances, which create new obligations for employers regarding how to schedule, pay, and even hire new employees. These ordinances vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction leaving many employers confused as to whether an ordinance applies to them, which employees may be entitled to the rights outlined in the ordinance, and how to comply. This topic will help those responsible for employee scheduling and payroll practices understand whether they are subject to predictive scheduling and what their obligations are under the applicable ordinance. This material will walk through the major provisions in these ordinances, such as advanced notice of work schedules, penalties owed for untimely changes to schedules, and exceptions to the penalties. The topic will also review tag-along provisions, which require a premium rate for shifts scheduled close together or mandate that an employer must first offer open shifts to existing employees before they can hire new workers.

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