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A Simple Way Board Members Can Raise 5K each in 30 Days, by Supporting World Hope

A Simple Way Board Members Can Raise 5K each in 30 Days is FREE courtesy of Supporting World Hope

1 Lesson / 65 Minutes / FREE

How do you inspire and engage your board to be a bigger part of the fundraising efforts? No one joins your nonprofit’s board to ask their friends and family for money, but when you can provide board members with the tools, they need to be successful and put them in the proper role you will dramatically increase the likelihood of getting their participation. This webinar has easy-to-implement ideas that will engage your board and boost your fundraising results.

Key Takeaways:
• Understand the board roles in fundraising
• Understand why board members consider fundraising the dirty F word
• Learn what board members want from staff so they can fundraise easily and effectively
• Get step-by-step tips on how your board members can raise $5,000 each in 30 days

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