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A Three-Pronged Approach to Fighting COVID-19 At the Community Level, by Nonprofit Utopia

A Three-Pronged Approach to Fighting COVID-19 At the Community Level is FREE courtesy of Nonprofit Utopia

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It is impossible for the government to provide an effective response to COVID-19 alone, given the sheer magnitude of the pandemic; the constantly changing situation and the fact that every community has its unique challenges. We need all hands on deck–our community residents, community-based organizations, businesses, institutions and government agencies.

Join Attorney Layton Olson and Daniel Bassill, Founder of the Tutor Mentor Institute, LLC, for a lively discussion on a three-pronged approach to fighting COVID-19 at the community level, including

1. utilizing existing community networks to develop a coordinated response and coordinate service delivery

2. developing asset maps to identify the areas of greatest need and to prioritize resource allocation

3. leveraging technology to support the development and implementation of effective strategies

4. to respond to current emergencies and position ourselves for post COVID-19.

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