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Accounting and Taxation of Home Office Expenses and Deductions

June 28 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

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Identify and understand the requirements for claiming the home office deduction.


Questions about the home office tax deduction have moved onto the center stage since the pandemic began. Not only are remote employees questioning the availability of this deduction, but there has been a measurable increase in the number of new businesses (U.S. Census Bureau reports that there were 4.4 million applications for new businesses in 2020, 5.4 million applications in 2021, compared to 3.5 million in 2019), many of which will qualify the owners for home office tax benefits. Take a deep dive into the home office deduction with this course, and you will be able to answer all the questions your clients have and present them with the knowledge they need to move forward with the home office deduction if it is appropriate for them.


Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to define the requirements for claiming a home office deduction.
  • You will be able to describe the types of expenses that qualify for a home office deduction.
  • You will be able to discuss the differences between the regular and the simplified methods for calculating the home office deduction.
  • You will be able to to review the benefits and detriments of claiming a home office deduction.


June 28
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
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