Advanced Topics for QuickBooks Desktop for Your Small Church or Nonprofit

Advanced Topics on QuickBooks Desktop for Your Nonprofit

1 Course / $219

This Premium Course brought to you by The Accountant Beside You

Make Your QuickBooks Desktop Work for You – Customizations, Budgets, & So Much More

Once you’ve gotten your system setup and mastered The Nuts & Bolts of QuickBooks Desktop, it’s time to utilize the system more fully.

In this course, you’ll learn to access the tools to allow you to run your organization more efficiently.

Learn to:

  • Budget and customize them for your mission and your grants.
  • Customize the correspondence to your donors.
  • The specific steps for year-end requirements
  • How to handle special events and other revenues
  • Take care of other expenses like: reserve accounts, gift cards, etc.
  • Track capital campaigns
  • and so much more.

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