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Articles to Help You Learn How to Ask for Money

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Here are some free fundraising articles that will inspire you to raise money for your nonprofit! (And even take care of your health!)Be sure to also check out the hundreds of articles on Marc’s Ask Without Fear! Blog.

  • 21 Ways for Board Members to Engage with Their Nonprofit’s Fundraising
  • 11 Experts on How To Get New Donors
  • 3 practical ways strategies for a successful fiscal year-end
  • A case for Twitter, Facebook, & social media for nonprofit fundraisers
  • A Fresh Look at Alumni Relations
  • Are You Paying Taxes on Your Charitable Giving?
  • Bananas & Websites: keeping your web visitors focused
  • Changing Careers Without Facing Felony Charges
  • Choosing a Charity
  • Conducting a Successful Job Search
  • Corporate Philanthropy in a Recession
  • Do It Yourself Fundraising: How to Ask for Money
  • Fundraising in the Bible: Funding your ministry doesn’t mean losing your soul
  • How Nonprofit Board Members and Donors Can Fundraise from an Exercise Bike
  • How to Fundraise for Your Next Walkathon
  • Recession-proof Fundraising
  • Soundtrack for the Alumni Director’s First Year
  • The 15’s: Fitness for the rest of us
  • The Fundraising House Party
  • The Rule of Threes for Non-profits
  • Twitter for Nonprofits and Fundraising