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Ask Me Anything About Online Fundraising with NextAfter, by NextAfter

Ask Me Anything About Online Fundraising with NextAfter is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

1 Lesson / 76 Minutes / FREE

For a fundraising executive trying to figure out how to grow a fundraising program, the most common area of untapped potential is in online fundraising.

But there are so many questions to answer about how to drive significant revenue through online channels:

– Which channels do you start with?
– Is Facebook fundraising something worth investing in?
– Isn’t online fundraising just for younger audiences?
– Will online fundraising just cannibalize my direct mail fundraising?

For a fundraiser running the day-to-day campaigns, setting up emails, writing copy, etc. – there’s a constant need to know what actually works to improve day-to-day results:

– How often should I send emails?
– Do I need more copy on my donation page?
– How do I get more donations from my social media posts?
– How do I get more donors to open my emails?

In this live webinar, NextAfter optimizers answer your online fundraising questions based on:

– Learnings from 2,500+ online fundraising experiments
– 15+ years of experience growing online fundraising for major nonprofits
– 10+ first-hand research studies analyzing online fundraising trends and tactics

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