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Better Together: How to Build a Strong Board Chair-Chief Executive Partnership

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

The “chief executive-board chair” leadership pair drives a nonprofits success. When their working relationship is good, both parties are free to lead their colleagues toward mission impact and enjoy their work. When it is poor, progress stagnates as the chief executive waits for relief and the board chair casts about ineffectively.

In this session, based on his book Better Together, John Fulwider shows how nonprofit chief executives and board chairs can build strong leadership partnerships so:

They’re both happier and more fulfilled; The organization achieves more for the mission; Fundraising, board and staff engagement, and program performance all improve. This webinar will inspire and equip you to immediately strengthen your partnership.

You’ll learn:

-The three keys to a strong partnership

-To quickly assess your own partnership

-Quick action steps to take no matter where your partnership’s at: OK, good, great, or even dysfunctional

-How to keep conversations strategic and interesting rather than tactical and boring

Changing the world really is Better Together.