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Learn more about building a fundraising strategy with this guide.

Building a Fundraising Strategy: Resources and Ideas

Building a Fundraising Strategy: Resources and Ideas For a LOT of nonprofits (perhaps even most), their strategic plan for fundraising ...
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Learn more about effective major gifts officer training with this guide.

Major Gifts Officer Training: 8 Resources for Success

Nearly everyone at a nonprofit, or at least its leadership, has the same dream… a person of means walks through ...
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Learn more about major gifts with this guide.

Major Gifts: Build Your Program and Earn More Donations

Do you dream about your nonprofit doing more for your mission? Wouldn’t it be great if someone with the means ...
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In this post, we'll walk through what nonprofit board training is and give you some tips for how to carry it out effectively.

Nonprofit Board Training: The Ultimate Guide [& Resources]

A lot has been written about nonprofit boards, their role in your organization, and how to recruit and engage them ...
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leverage for a great nonprofit startup training

Leverage Nonprofit.Courses with Great Nonprofit Startup Training

Nonprofit Startup Training can launch your dream of a better world, a better community… a better life… for someone… somewhere… ...
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These are some of our favorite free nonprofit webinars.

21 Free Nonprofit Webinars to Further Your Career Today

How long do you plan to be at your current job? Not too long, I hope. It’s not that I’m ...
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nonprofit staff training

On Demand Nonprofit Staff Training makes a Major Difference

Nonprofit staff training can’t happen fast enough. Your executive director is on the phone. She’s just been to a board ...
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Read this guide to learn how Nonprofit Courses can help with your nonprofit professional development.

Nonprofit Professional Development: Top Resources and Ideas

Nonprofit Professional Development: Top Resources and Ideas “Our greatest asset is our people!” That’s just a vacuous, corporate platitude, proffered ...
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Looking at a Nonprofit Career?

Looking at a Nonprofit Career?

Transitioning to a Nonprofit Career won’t be easy, but it could be worth it. It’s time for something different. It’s ...
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Great nonprofit volunteers are worth the cost.

Mutual value is what makes great nonprofit volunteers. Volunteers are at the core of what nonprofits are. The origin of ...
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Learn more about patient experience training with this guide.

Patient Experience Training: A Quick Guide with Resources

Patient experience has become a driving priority for health care professionals over the past few decades. Today, patients aren’t simply ...
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Learn more about nonprofit development with this guide.

Nonprofit Development: The Complete Guide [With Resources]

A big part of running a nonprofit is ensuring your organization (including its team members, logistical concerns, and mission-focused operations) ...
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29 Nonprofit Resources for Fundraising, Development, and More

29 Nonprofit Resources for Fundraising, Development, and More

Making sure that your nonprofit’s staff, board and volunteers are well trained in their task and well educated on your ...
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Learn more about running effective capital campaigns with this guide.

Capital Campaigns: Resources and Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofits raise money for a ton of different purposes. There are programming costs, day-to-day logistics, and other mission-driven needs. But ...
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Read these informative Guest Posts from our Partners

This guest post was contributed by Philip Schmitz of CharityEngine.

Building Relationships With Major Donors: 5 Best Practices

Different nonprofits have all sorts of fundraising strategies that they use to earn the revenue necessary to operate the organization ...
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This guest post from MemberClicks features six ideas for empowering members with career development.

6 Ideas for Empowering Members with Career Development

Think back to when you got your first job. Maybe it was at your local pizza shop, ice cream parlor, ...
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In this post, you'll learn how to conduct a tech-check up for your nonprofit.

Conducting a Tech Check-Up: A Quick Guide for Nonprofits

These days, there are a plethora of software tools available for nonprofits. From constituent relationship management (CRM) databases to marketing ...
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What to Expect in Your Nonprofit's First Year

16 Things to Expect in Your Nonprofit’s First Year

The first year of your new nonprofit will likely be a blur of excitement, learning new things, and meeting new ...
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Learn how to successfully onboard event staff and volunteers with this guide.

How to Successfully Onboard Event Staff and Volunteers

Event staff and volunteers are integral team members for organizations all around the world; they can even be the main ...
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Preparing Your Board Members for Action at Your Nonprofit

Preparing Your Board Members for Action at Your Nonprofit

When it comes to joining a nonprofit board, there’s usually a pretty steep learning curve. Every organization has its own ...
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Donor Appreciation: 4 Effective Strategies for Nonprofits

Donor Appreciation: 4 Effective Strategies for Nonprofits

When was the last time you received a really good “thank you” from someone? Did someone send you a note ...
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4 Tried-and-True Tips for Effective Direct Mail Solicitation

4 Tried-and-True Tips for Effective Direct Mail Solicitation

Marketing and solicitation for nonprofits can often seem irrelevant compared to the overall mission you’re pursuing, but it is actually ...
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Learn more about nonprofit advocacy with this guide.

Nonprofit Advocacy: How To Mobilize Supporters For Change

You joined the nonprofit sector to make a difference in the world. Whether you’re trying to provide food and other ...
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Board Bully

Bullies in Board Leadership

Bullies in Board Leadership by Priscilla Rosenwald Like most groups, a nonprofit Board of Directors is subject to being dominated ...
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Asleep at the Helm

Asleep at the Helm

Asleep at the Helm by Priscilla Rosenwald We spoke of a Perfect Storm for a leadership crisis, as many boards ignore ...
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