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Are you a “Perfect 10” for Nonprofit Consulting?

Are you a “Perfect 10” for Nonprofit Consulting?

Maybe it’s time to find out.

Are you in a “job transition”? (Okay, they fired you, or maybe you quit.) Does your boss make you think “I never want to work for someone else again”? Are you a “trailing spouse,” following the career moves of the other income earner in the family? Do you need some flexibility because of children or parent care? Did you just retire but aren’t ready to stop being professionally active? Did you just start and have new skills and passion to bring to the marketplace?

That’s when you ask… “Should I be a nonprofit consultant?” Is there an “inner consultant” is ready to get out? Give yourself 10 points for each “yes.”

    1. Are you an expert in a skill or service that a nonprofit could benefit from?
    1. Are you interested in a variety of organizational missions, or how a number of organizations express similar missions?
    1. Can you tolerate, or better yet, thrive, with a non-traditional work day?
    1. Do you enjoy working with mission driven people?
    1. Are you anxious to apply your skills to new places?
    1. Did someone in your family, or a personal role model, have his or her own business?
    1. Are you making valuable contributions to important missions without much recognition?
    1. Do you like working in non-traditional environments, including your home?
    1. Do you have personal discipline to accomplish projects with no supervision?
  1. Did you once work in a nonprofit, or volunteer as a nonprofit leader?

How’d you do?

80 – 100 Points? Start making plans!

50 –  70 Points? Give it some thought.

0  – 40 Points? No worries. Make a gift to your favorite cause, and carry on!

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Matt Hugg

Matt Hugg is the president of Nonprofit.Courses.

See his bio here.

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