29 Nonprofit Resources for Fundraising, Development, and More

Making sure that your nonprofit’s staff, board and volunteers are well trained in their task and well educated on your mission could be the most important step you take for your organization’s success. 

These nonprofit resources are a great way to train your team.
  • A well-trained fundraiser raises more money.
  • A well-trained program staff member leads to happier clients.
  • A well-trained volunteer greeting visitors builds a great reputation.

Yet for all of the advantages, training and education aren’t top on the list of where nonprofit resources are spent. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s see how that’s changing at Nonprofit.Courses. Take a look at some of our favorite nonprofit resources:

What’s most important at Nonprofit.Courses can be summed up in a handy acronym: CATS.

Cost: You don’t have to stretch your nonprofit resources at Nonprofit.Courses. There are 1,000+ free video and podcast training opportunities at Nonprofit.Courses in just about any aspect of nonprofit work. And the paid, premium courses? They’re a great value. 

Access: Nonprofit.Courses isn’t gated with a paywall or membership requirement. You’re connected directly to the Content Expert’s material.

Time: Have a minute before an appointment? How about an educational lunch? Need a day’s seminar with credit hours? Check out the handy indexing by time – from less than five minutes to full academic semesters.

Simplicity: It’s easy. Do a quick search for which resources you want: filter by time, subject, Content Expert and more. Go to the course page. Instantly see what’s embedded, or hit the button to go to the Content Expert’s page for the video, podcast, or document. 

How about some examples?

Exactly What You Need to Know About Any Fundraising You Do

Should I Start a Facebook Group For My Nonprofit?

Handling Money to Build Trust

Nonprofit Resources for Improved Fundraising

Check out these nonprofit resources for better fundraising.

It’s simple. To accomplish your mission, you need money. The better you get at finding money, the more people you can serve. 

100% Board Participation 

If the board doesn’t give, why should anyone else? Fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein gives some great hints to get you going.

The Four Decisions – How to Lead Your Donor to Each

Veteran fundraiser Dan Shephard lays out a framework for successfully asking for major gifts. 

5 Ways to Delight and Retain Donors with Video

Video is for more than great training. Let nonprofit expert Julia Campbell show you how. 

Create Your Fundraising Calendar, Now! 

Content Expert Ayda Sanver gives some important tips on creating a calendar so you can time your solicitations for their greatest effect.

The Leaky (Fundraising) Bucket What’s Wrong With Your Fundraising and How to Fix It

You work so hard. Why aren’t you raising more money? Maybe the bucket’s leaking? ACFRE Linda Lysakowski will guide you through a systematic process so you figure it out.

Nonprofit Resources for Better Grant Writing

Learn more about grantwriting with these nonprofit resources.

Whether grants are your nonprofit’s lifeblood or icing on the cake, an unfunded proposal is a huge disappointment and a waste of precious time and effort. Up your game and increase your odds of funding with these informative videos:

Budget Building for Grantwriters

GrantsMagic U founder Maryn Boess gives you exactly what you need for this critical proposal component. 

Online Graduate Class in Practical Grantwriting

Dive deep into the grantwriting process, and come out with a real proposal and college credits with expert instructor (and Nonprofit.Courses president) Matt Hugg.

When Do You Need to Hire a Grant-writer? 

DIY or hire a pro? Shalita “the Nonprofitista” O’Neale can help you decide.

The 30 Minute Fast-Tracked Grant Writing Course

If you need to jump-start your grantwriting, Holly Rustic can show you how in her step-by-step system.

Is it Worth Your Time to Write that Grant? 

Mandy Pearce will walk you through this essential question in just over six minutes. 

Nonprofit Resources for Earning Continuing Education Units 

Encourage your team to continue their education with these powerful nonprofit resources.

Do you hold a professional license or designation like a CFRE or CPA? Lots of courses on Nonprofit.Courses come with certification so you can maintain that important credential. Here’s a few: 

Growing Your Grants Readiness

There’s a lot more to starting a grant proposal than putting pen to paper (or fingers on your keyboard!) Grants Magic U founder Maryn Boess takes you through the prep to increase your chance for funding success.

Create a Development Plan that Works! 

Does your organization get distracted by every new fundraising idea that comes down the pike? Do your executive management and board expect you to raise unreasonable amounts of money in a short timeframe with no resources to help? Linda Lysakowski shows you how to avoid your predicament through a well-written development plan.

Common Frauds in Not-for-Profits:

Wolters Kluwer lays out various types of frauds and how the criminals commit the frauds. It’s essential information for every nonprofit leader. 

Creating Your Most Successful Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Year-end can be the most fruitful time to raise money for any nonprofit. ACFRE Linda Lysakowski gets you prepared.

Data Breaches, What’s My Risk? 

Any nonprofit keeps data – on donors, on clients, on personnel, and more. This Wolters Kluwer course identifies types of data breaches and how criminals steal data from organizations, as well as review some of the legal and ethical implications involved.

Podcasts for Nonprofit Professionals

Podcasts are convenient and educational nonprofit resources.

Did you hear that wonderful idea? Of course you did — on a podcast you found on Nonprofit.Courses. Listen today for some of the most interesting thought-leaders in today’s nonprofit sector.

Inspired Nonprofit Leadership with Mary Hiland

Mary makes her podcast one of the best places for nonprofit leaders to gain insights, tips, inspiration, and encouragement to unleash their potential. 

The Nonprofit Jenni Show

In each episode, Nonprofit Jenni (Hargrove) chats with nonprofit professionals about their management, marketing, and development strategies.

Concord Leaders Podcast by Marc Pitman

Marc brings us short interviews with nonprofit CEOs and executive directors, reminding us why we love leading and giving us strategies to overcome challenges.

Nonprofit Vision with Greg Nielsen

Nonprofit Vision with Gregory Nielsen presents informative and entertaining conversations spotlighting critical issues in nonprofit leadership and the visionaries who are addressing them.

The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast

High impact interviews with top fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, from hosts Andrew Olsen, CFRE, and Roy Jones, CFRE.

Additional Nonprofit Resources

Check out these additional nonprofit resources to learn more.

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Nonprofit Staff Development: 5 Effective Best Practices

5 Reasons your Nonprofit Should Invest in Virtual Training

5 Ways Micro-Learning Leads to Your Maximum Results for Your Nonprofit

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