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One price fits all for nonprofits?

One price fits all for nonprofits?
As Americans, we like to think of ourselves as a fixed price culture. You go to the store, you see the price marked on the box, you buy it, or not. We aren’t the haggling types, like you see in a lot of countries around the world… or are we?
While we typically buy consumer goods at fixed prices, or at least fixed on the day we buy it. That box of pasta could be on sale tomorrow, or go up with a bad wheat crop next week. A lot of what we buy as consumers isn’t fixed at all, like airline tickets, cars, hotels and more. This is even a longer list when you’re talking about “business to business” transactions. What you may pay for printing might differ based on the amount of demand for the print shop that day, or how good a deal the printer got on paper this week… and of course, how much the printer thinks you’ll pay before going to a competitor.
What’s this have to do with your nonprofit consulting business? A lot. Do you offer variable pricing? Should you? 
Maybe you do already? A lot of nonprofit consultants I know have an idea amount they’d like to get, but charge more or less depending on a number of factors. Are you starting out or established?How busy are you? Is the nonprofit a start-up or established? How big is the nonprofit? Do they carry out a mission you support?
This strategy can even out your workflow. The problem comes when you offer variable pricing with every quote. It takes time, and thought, to customize your pricing each time you encounter a client. Pricing is a sensitive issue. Your ability to work with variable pricing could mean a full schedule and profitable year.

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