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The One Thing More Important Than Money to a Nonprofit Consultant

The One Thing More Important Than Money to a Nonprofit Consultant
Just the other day, I heard an interview with Drew Carey. He’s now the host of The Price is Right, the daytime television game show… and he loves it! According to Drew, it’s the job he was made to do.
It wasn’t easy for him to figure that out. He went through stand-up, and a television sit-com and the pseudo-game show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” All good work that it looked like he enjoyed. But The Price is Right? That’s his sweet spot.
My guess is that he’s doing better than ever financially, too. But whether he is or not, because he loves what he does, the money is less important. Did I say that it was of no importance? No. Just less important. And when money is less important, he can focus his best energies on what he does (which probably makes him more money).
Are you doing what you want? As a nonprofit consultant, what’s the most fun? Is it a particular mission? Is it some task – like a specific kind of fundraising, or even within your speciality, like grant writing or major gifts? If it’s the most fun, are you the best at it?
When you’re consulting in the right area, doing the right work, the Price is Right.

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