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We sat down with board governance and engagement expert Kim Donahue to discuss board accountability on National Philanthropy Day, Nov 15. Kim was a director at United Way of Central Indiana for over a decade. In addition, she has served on several nonprofit boards and is currently working as a consultant in board development and relationship building.

Board accountability is a broad subject, so what does it actually mean? In this webinar, Kim Donahue and Boardable’s Content Manager Caroline Hoy explore the symptoms of poor board member accountability, as well as treatment.

Some board accountability topics covered in this webinar:

– What is board accountability? Find out what board members are actually responsible for, and how to educate them on their responsibilities. You can’t expect them be accountable, if they don’t know what is expected.

– How do you assess the quality of your board’s accountability? Kim knows the symptoms of poor accountability, and how the effects can be pervasive throughout an organization. We examine ways to quantify engagement and set goals for accountability.

– What causes board accountability issues in the first place? Ideally a board starts out with everyone engaged and following through on their commitments, so why do things go south? We look into the warning signs that a change of course is needed.

– How can you effectively correct lack of board member accountability? It isn’t easy to turn a board of individuals around, but Kim has some simple and actionable tips for bringing everyone back to a good mindset.

– Can accountability problems be prevented? If your organization is in a good place (or you have made improvements using Kim’s tips), we want to talk about how board accountability can be preserved and strengthened, heading off the possibility of future disengagement.

This webinar is jam-packed with great tips, advice, and guidance on best practices for improving board member accountability.

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