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Board Engagement: A Must-Have for Nonprofit Success, by Boardable

Board Engagement: A Must-Have for Nonprofit Success is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 62 Minutes / FREE

Board engagement is crucial for the success of nonprofit boards of directors. Do you have issues with nonprofit board members who are unprepared, uninvolved, and underused? We sat down with a panel of nonprofit veterans to explore the causes of strong and weak board engagement, as well as methods to keep board members feeling invested in the organization and engaged in the mission.

Discover how to ramp up board member involvement by hearing from our elite panel of nonprofit consultants and experienced board leaders:
– Jeb Banner, Boardable CEO and Webinar Moderator
– Bruce Kidd, Former Board of Directors Chair
– Jen Pendleton, Nonprofit Consultant, CFRE, and VP at Aly Sterling Philanthropy…
– Fred Duncan, Nonprofit CEO, Little Red Door Cancer Agency…

What we covered in this webinar: – Learn what good board member engagement looks like.
– Discover the main causes of poor engagement.
– Find out what experienced board chairs, members, consultants, and nonprofit CEOs have seen produce game-changing board engagement.
– Explore the future of board member engagement tools.

This is an information-packed hour of thoughtful discussion and actionable advice on how to turn up your board’s engagement levels. This webinar took place on December 18, 2018.

Visit and find out how Boardable’s Board Engagement Software can provide you with the tools to streamline your board meetings and get all of your board members more connected.

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