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Building the “Lean” Muscle in Your Nonprofit, by 501cServices

Building the “Lean” Muscle in Your Nonprofit is FREE courtesy of 501cServices

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Has your organization ever placed a big bet on a new program or strategic initiative that fell short of expectations despite careful planning and a major commitment of human and financial resources? Are you relentlessly focused on the mission but failing to make a real impact in your community? Do you have a solution to a major social challenge, just waiting for the perfect time to act? Lean Startup, born out of Lean Manufacturing as a way to reduce physical waste and inefficiency has been adapted to deal with uncertainty, not just inefficiency. Using the scientific method, LS helps teams systematically define and prioritize assumptions they are making then rigorously test them to insure they are building things that matter.

We’ll discuss:

● Tips for engaging key stakeholders and challenging your assumptions about their needs.
● How to rapidly test ideas and hypotheses, and conduct unbiased analysis of results.
● Practical guidance for navigating essential legal and operational questions.
● Examples of organizations putting Lean into action.
● Step-by-step instructions for implementing Lean in your organization TODAY!

Speakers: Adam Berk, Lean Startup Company; Matt Perdoni, Social Sector Legal Services PLLC

Intended for: CEO/ED; C-Suite; HR professionals; Grantmakers and fundersSHOW LESS

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