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You’ve developed your business plan and now you’re wondering, “how am I going to pay for all of this?”

Your plan has all the strategies to market and sell your products and services to achieve your goals, but have you identified where the money will come from to fund those strategies as well as how it will be spent?

There is nothing worse than spending countless hours and possibly thousands of dollars on a plan only to find out that your income and expenses are out of line with your goals.

A good plan is focused on a specific goal. Achieving that goal involves 5 components.

1. Research
2. Planning
3. Sequencing
4. Funding
5. Implementation

A good cash flow management tool can not only identify the flow of funds needed at any given time, but will also allow for phased resource and materials planning so that you can prepare for any large cash outlays necessary along the way.

Download our FREE eBook “CashFLOW is King!” to learn how to build a financial funding plan for achieving your goals.

As an added BONUS, we’ll include our 12-month marketing planning template so that you can begin mapping out milestones for reaching your sales goals.

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