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Business Model Innovation

With the new 101 Blockchains business model innovation course, you will dive into the fundamentals of business models and business model innovation. The course offers comprehensive insights on leveraging business model innovation that enables business growth. At the same time, learners can also leverage the course and obtain the best value from business model innovation training by internalizing the practical insights on business model innovation practices and tools. 

The new business model innovation course on 101 Blockchains is a specially tailored course for beginners in business model innovation. You can find the value of a business model course built with prominent attention to a flexible and seamless learning experience. Learners can use this course to gain knowledge about the fundamentals of business models and their significance.

At the same time, the course also offers more than just business model innovation theory in the engaging video lectures. Learners will also gain insights into the different approaches through which business model innovation can empower business growth. In addition, the course also specifies the use of vital tools to develop business model innovation.  

What we will cover to help you get expertise in Business Model Innovation

  • Definition of business model and business model innovation
  • Explanation of business model patterns
  • Examples of business model patterns
  • Disruption 
  • Effect of IT and internet disruption on business model patterns with respect to Web 1.0
  • Effect of IT and internet disruption on business model patterns with respect to Web 2.0
  • The Interplay between business models and blockchain 
  • Best practices for getting started with business model innovation

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