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Business Plan Development

So you’re thinking about developing your business plan for your new or existing business? Chances are you’ve already been researching online on how to write a business plan. You’ve probably become so overwhelmed with the number of resources and help available, right? You’re probably more confused now than when you started. When it comes to writing a business plan, most business owners understand that it is a necessity for succeeding in business, but many still avoid the process. There are three primary thought processes behind why business owners avoid the business planning process.

  1. Ignorance – they don’t believe that it is important for their business. They “know it all” and don’t need a plan to take action.
  2. Just Do it – They want to get to revenue as quickly as possible. Writing a business plan takes away from that objective and therefore they feel they will get around to it when they get a chance.
  3. Don’t Look; Don’t See – They fear that by developing a business plan all they’ll uncover is everything they’ve done wrong.

Why MarketAtomy?

As a social entrepreneur, whether you’re an emerging business or nonprofit, you need the right information, and you need it now! That’s why Nonprofit.Courses brings you MarketAtomy Academy premium content. This course, like their others, takes a deep dive into its subject so you can get to why you started your enterprise in the first place – to impact people!

[This is a paid course. Nonprofit.Courses earns an affiliate fee with every purchase. Thanks so much for your support!]
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