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Capacity Building for the Board/Executive Team

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Custom Course: $1725 for a half day workshop

How well does your board work together? Do you hear from everyone on your executive team? Studies show that the most effective teams are the ones where people speak up about the same amount as each other, and everyone feels safe to speak. Does that describe your team?

Total Team Engagement offers half and full day workshops to help you 1) know, like, and trust the other people you work with, 2) get input from everyone about important decisions, and 3) create a team culture that will support your organization.

When you don’t hear from everyone, people start to feel unappreciated and do less work (maybe none, if they have a volunteer position). Creating space to get everyone’s input, and to find ways to incorporate that into decisions, means higher commitment, greater productivity, lower turnover, and more creative solutions. Your leadership team can’t afford to spend time working at cross purposes!

Prices start at $1725 for a half day workshop and go up, depending on what your needs are. Please call AGIF to customize.