Taking Your Nonprofit Organisation to the Next Level

Capacity Building: Taking Your Nonprofit Organization to the Next Level

This course is FREE courtesy CharityNetUSA!

1 Lesson / FREE / 35 Minutes

Nonprofit Fundraising Expert Howard Walker is back for this vital topic, Fundraising. Howard will bring real world examples of successful fundraising efforts, and set you on course for some great fundraising events. We will cover volunteer programs, managing the fundraising efforts, and the necessity of keeping proper control and security of funds and your good name. Fundraising can bring in more than just funds; it can gather new volunteers, donors and spread the word of your cause.

All it takes is the knowledge and desire to succeed; we give you the knowledge FREE in this information packed webinar!

As the past shows: the economy will recover, resources will catch up with us and finances will level out. Don’t wait for recovery to happen, get started growing your nonprofit now. When America recovers, your nonprofit will not only be in the game, but you will be an MVP!

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