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Case Study: How Kabod House Uses Transparency to Increase Fundraising, by Nonprofit Utopia

Case Study: How Kabod House Uses Transparency to Increase Fundraising is FREE courtesy of Nonprofit Utopia

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Contrary to belief, the more organizations share about how they do business, the more likely they are to see an increase in fundraising. Why? Because funders can see how funds are spent, the impact of the investments, who’s on the organization’s board, etc. This gives a greater sense for trust that the organization will use funds properly. Most importantly, funders are able to better understand the level of a communication’s impact. GuideStar profiles are a way to demonstrate such transparency and convey stewardship and impact.

Join us for a lively discussion with Nonprofit Utopia member Roberta Coleman, Founder of Kabod House, as she talks about her experience using GuideStar profiles and the resulting increase in funding.

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