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We're always looking for people who want to become a Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert.  If you want to lend your expertise to the nonprofit community. then keep reading!

What subjects are we looking for? As it says on our homepage, Nonprofit.Courses is home to both Nonprofit Focused and Nonprofit Helpful content. Nonprofit Focused content speaks directly to issues that only nonprofits face, such as charitable gift fundraising, volunteer management, nonprofit accounting and the like. Nonprofit Helpful content includes subjects that nonprofits need to know about, but that everyone else does, too. Examples include human resources, how to speak in public, marketing and more!

What formats do we want? Nonprofit.Courses started as a video site, and remains that at it's core. However, we connect to podcasts, and documents such as whitepapers and checklists are good, too. However, we do not connect to blog posts and articles unless they cover a topic important to nonprofits where we don't have video or podcast content.

What defines an "expert"? Nonprofit.Courses wants to connect to people who know what they're talking about in every subject area important to nonprofits. You're expertise may come from experience, from academic learning, or both. You may also be surprised at what you're experienced at doing. For example, maybe you just went through a job search that transitioned you from the business world into nonprofits. How about a review of that process, what you see as the differences in the sectors and advice on making the change?

Do we connect to multiple content experts on one subject? Yes! There's no one way of doing anything... and people learn better from different voices. Bring your perspective and nuance!

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Meet the Nonprofit.Courses Content Experts

Meet the Nonprofit.Courses Content Experts

Our Content Experts are dedicated to your success. 

Nonprofit.Courses is proud that some of the best in the nonprofit world have chosen to become Content Experts! Learn more about them, see their videos, podcasts, eBooks and more. Whether you're on a nonprofit staff or board, a volunteers or a career changer, running a big or small nonprofit, or just starting out, Nonprofit.Courses Content Experts offer their expertise to solve your problems, make you better informed, and bring you exactly what you need to make your mission thrive!

100 degrees consulting logo

100 Degrees Consulting: Fractional CFO

Stephanie is a visionary finance leader with over a decade of experience leading global nonprofits. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University, focusing on nonprofit management and finance, and a dual BA in Political Science and International Studies from the College at Brockport. Before founding ...
101 Blockchains Logo

101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains is your one-stop destination for boosting your blockchain expertise and professional credibility. 101 Blockchains specializes in practical blockchain professional training and certification programs. We professionals reach the next level in their careers and develop new blockchain skills. WE ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER GROWTH 101 Blockchains is the world’s leading ...
1832 Communications Logo

1832 Communications

Through 1832 Communications Ephraim Gopin helps nonprofits raise more money through strategic and smart marketing and communications. Ephraim founded 1832 Communications to partner with nonprofits to craft strategies which improve their website content, enhance their online digital presence, upgrade their email marketing, increase the efficacy of their marketing and fundraising ...
501c Services Logo

501c Services

501(c) Services, a 100% employee owned organization, has more than 35 years of experience in providing full-service alternatives to state-run unemployment insurance programs, and provides services to over 1,500 nonprofits nationally. We administer the 501(c) Agencies Trust, which offers a comprehensive suite of risk management services and multiple stop-loss protection ...
7 Figure Fundraising Logo

7-Figure Fundraising

7-Figure Fundraising is nonprofit fundraising made easy. 7-Figure Fundraising is a comprehensive system designed to help you grow and maintain donors, increase your nonprofit’s impact, and rapidly scale your organization. It was designed to make fundraising easy for nonprofit leaders so they can focus on the work that matters most ...
a page beyond logo

A Page Beyond

Leaders are readers. Thought leaders are writers. A Page Beyond is Self-publishing assistance for independent authors offering services to get your book across the finish line, quickly and beautifully. Through the online course, Self-Publishing, Demystified and Done, and personal coaching, A Page Beyond works with you to plan, create and ...
Accounting Seed Logo

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is the #1 accounting solution powered by Salesforce. We empower you to do your job at the highest capacity. At Accounting Seed, we believe your accounting solution should work for you, not against you. Accounting Seed is a full accrual accounting and ERP application on Salesforce. Our application ...
Achieve Cause Logo


Achieve helps you investigate, activate and motivate people for your purpose. At Achieve, we leverage our expertise in research, digital marketing and web technology to understand and inspire your audience – whether current or yet to be discovered – to take action. At Achieve, our approach is simple, but thorough ...
Agile in Nonprofits logo

Agile in Nonprofits

Agile in Nonprofits strives to support nonprofit organizations that are looking to achieve greater impact in their communities faster than they ever have before. Led by Scrum Trainer, Product Owner and Scrum Master, Diane H. Leonard, GPC, ST the Agile in Nonprofits team supports nonprofits through training and coaching to ...
Albert Communications logotype

Albert Communications

ALBERT Communications is a strategic communications firm working with companies to connect and engage with their audiences by developing strong, focused, and innovative actions aligned with business strategies. Our experience is from our work inside Fortune 500 companies – not in agencies – and we excel in crisis communications, public relations, internal communications, digital marketing ...
American Fundraising Foundation AmFund Golden Pear logo


About AmFund: The American Fundraising Foundation (AmFund) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a Platinum rating from Guide Star. It has been serving other nonprofit organizations for over 20 years and has donated over $38 million for worthy causes. AmFund's Founders, Barbara and Wade West worked as news anchors and ...
Andrew Olsen of Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast

Andrew Olsen Consulting

Andrew Olsen, CFRE is a two-time best selling author (101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How You Can Avoid Them, and Rainmaking: The Fundraiser’s Guide to Landing Big Gifts), and host of the top-ranked show, The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast. He is a 20-year veteran direct response fundraiser, having raised over ...
Schulman Consulting logo

Andrew Schulman

Schulman Consulting is a specialized consulting practice focused exclusively on fiscal sponsorship. We are a strategic partner that works with both sponsors and projects on all areas of operations and navigating the sponsorship lifecycle. Our goals are: To help clients navigate the world of fiscal sponsorship, no matter what their ...
araize nonprofit accounting


Araize develops cloud-based software designed specifically for nonprofits. Its FastFund Online Nonprofit Accounting, Fundraising and Payroll software provides everything a nonprofit needs to be compliant, accountable to funding sources and dedicate more time to fulfilling your mission. Pay only for what you need, without incurring additional expenses for network upgrades ...
arreva logo with tagline


Arreva is the trusted advisor and market leader of fundraising and donor relationship management software. ExceedFurther, Arreva’s All-in-One, Cloud-based, Integrated Solution, is helping thousands of nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents. (As an Amazon Associate, Nonprofit.Courses earns from qualifying purchases.) Find Arreva's ...
Artisan Auctions Logo

Artisan Auctions

Kelly Russell, Founder - Benefit Auctioneer, Fundraising Host & Strategic Consultant Artisan Auctions provides strategic, mission-focused consultation to fit your nonprofit’s fundraising needs. Our goal is to set you up with successful revenue strategies that produce results. A forward-thinking partner, we work hard to create fun, memorable events that spotlight your ...
Ashley Assists networkingLogo

Ashley Assists

Ashley Assists is your Networking Concierge. Through Ashley Assists, Ashley Owens works as a strategic partner for her clients during networking events, and takes away the tedious task of following up.  Taking the mind-numbing work off your shoulders, she works the room with you to collect double the relevant business ...
AskingMatters logo


Brian Saber is one of the field’s preeminent experts on the art and science of asking for charitable gifts face-to-face.  He has spent more than 30 years working in the non-profit world and has personally solicited thousands of donors as a director of development, executive director, board member, and consultant ...
Auction Frogs logo

Auction Frogs

TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISERS WORK... …but what if they could work better? Live and silent benefit events have long been a significant component of fundraising for non-profit organizations. So have the challenges of traditional events. What if you could turn those challenges around, broaden your audience, increase your bidding time frame, and ...
Auctria Logo


Auctria makes live, silent, virtual, or online auction and event fundraisers EASY for the whole team. Auctria handles ticket & sponsorship sales, tables, raffle tickets, wine wall, dessert dash, for-sale items, sponsorships, bids & donations. Use Auctria for more than auctions: golf tournaments, giving days, and lite peer-2-peer fundraising. From ...
auerbach global impact foundation

Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

The AGIF is a global foundation that seeks to advance the missions of all other nonprofits and provides a one-stop information hub to promote sustainability and success. AGIF offers a comprehensive list of resources, experts, and professionals that can help nonprofit organizations grow ...
Ayda Sanver Consulting logo

Ayda Sanver

Ayda's passion is to help small to mid-size nonprofits move their fundraising and marketing efforts to the next level through coaching, development planning, board training, and effective communications! She's a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and licensed Fund Raising Counsel in the State of Maryland. Find her at Ayda Sanver ...
Barlele Logo


Founded by digital growth and marketing veteran, Taylor Shanklin, we believe that no matter how big or small you are, you deserve a stellar brand and scalable marketing solutions. We’re a collaborative of 20+ creative thinkers, designers and digital marketing nerds. Our team of creative professionals has expertise in graphic ...
BCDC Ideas Logo

BCDC Ideas

BCDC Ideas The right tool for the job. Nothing more, nothing less. With that ethos we are a full service agency that plugs in the right solution to our client’s problems. We do everything from strategy & design to media buying and market research. Explore to learn more about what ...
Better Lemon Creative Audio

Better Lemon Creative Audio

Better Lemon Creative Audio is the production company of Hannah Hethmon. We specialize in all things podcasting and creative audio for museums, history organizations, and other cultural nonprofits. At Better Lemon, you’ll get personal, tailored services and advice from folks who understand the challenges facing GLAM organizations. About Hannah Hethmon ...
Birken law logo

Birken Law

Hi, I’m Jess Birken. I am the owner of Birken Law Office, I help nonprofits solve problems so they can quit worrying and get back to what matters most – The Work. I’m not like most attorneys, I actually have an outgoing personality, and – like you – I like ...
Bloomerang Logo 2023


Bloomerang helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world. Our cloud-based donor management software is rooted in principles of philanthropy, simple to use and focused on empowering your team to achieve remarkable results through enhanced donor loyalty ...
Blue Hills Digital logo

Blue Hills Digital

Blue Hills Digital is a solo-consultancy through which I — Ed Harris — get to help mission-driven clients meet their goals through effective digital strategy. The business started as a side project back in 2012, focused solely on website builds. Since then, Blue Hills Digital has evolved into a broader ...
Boardable logo


Boardable board management software was built by nonprofit leaders, for nonprofit leaders. We understand the frustration you feel (and the hours you lose) from organizing a meeting via email, phone, or text. We’ve lived it. We’re from the nonprofit world, too. After looking around for the right tool but not ...
Boss on a Budget logo

Boss on a Budget

Vision Small nonprofits can compete, create content, and have influence that rivals the Microsofts and Coca Colas of the world. Mission Boss on a Budget's mission is to teach small nonprofits the skills they need to live out their dreams and launch successfully in their first year. Founder, Tiffany Allen ...
Burck Communications

Bradley Burck

Bradley Burck is Vice President of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation. Before coming to the Hospital Foundation, he started and ran the consulting agency Burck Communications, where his specialty was helping nonprofits craft strategic development plans to maximize their fundraising efforts. He is the author of two books, Conquering Nonprofit Chaos and You ...
breakthrough visuals logo

Breakthrough Visuals

Terry LaBan has had a lifelong passion for telling stories with words and pictures. During his long career as a cartoonist and writer he spent 20 years working in the comic book industry for numerous publishers, including DC Comics, and created the daily comic strip “Edge City,” which was syndicated ...
Bristol Strategy Group Graphic Image

Bristol Strategy Group

Ellen Bristol launched Bristol Strategy after 20+ years in information technology sales. She drives Bristol Strategy Group in software development, manages their training, consulting and productivity research, keeps clients happy, and forges business relationships with other nonprofit experts and technology providers. She also naps a lot. Ellen is the Geek-in-Chief ...
Build Consulting logo

Build Consulting

More than 50% of technology projects fail. The technology moves forward, but the organization stays in place. Why? Because although new technology can be powerful, it can’t transform a nonprofit on its own. Old Organization + New Technology = Expensive Old Organization Placing new technology in an unchanged nonprofit organization—without implementing ...
BuildGood logo


At BuildGood, we raise money for great causes so they can do more good in the world. We’re fundraisers, just like you. Our medium is direct marketing, and our heroes are your donors…good people looking for easy ways to do good. We come alongside your in-house team, creating compelling fundraising ...
Cal Evans logo

Cal Evans

Many moons ago, at the tender age of 14, Cal Evans touched his first computer. (We’re using the term “computer” loosely here, it was a TRS-80 Model 1) Since then his life has never been the same. He graduated from TRS-80s to Commodores and eventually to IBM PCs.For the past ...
Capital Campaign Pro

Capital Campaign Pro

The first and last resource you’ll need for your capital campaign. Part expert consultant, part resource library, Capital Campaign Pro provides you with the resources and confidence you need to complete a successful capital campaign — without taking you out of the driver’s seat. See Live Events from Capital Campaign ...
Career Potential Logo

Career Potential, LLC

Ford R. Myers is an award-winning career coach and President of Career Potential, LLC. He is author of the best-seller, Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring. Ford’s firm helps clients take charge of their careers, create the work they love, and earn what they deserve! He has held senior consulting ...
Careers In Nonprofits logo

Careers in Nonprofits

We give heartfelt support to all things nonprofit. How it started By 33, Nurys Pedersen “had made it.” A Vice President in Washington DC, her career was colored by promotions, welcomed earnings, and a desk in the corner office. But a decade in, feeling unfulfilled and searching for more, Nurys asked ...
Cedar Fundraising logo

Cedar Fundraising

 Kim Peterson, CFRE is the owner of Cedar Fundraising, which provides 1:1 consulting services for growth-stage nonprofits. With a passion for high-caliber administration, Kim digs into the nitty-gritty of nonprofit operations to build and scale individual giving systems and a culture of community-building that supports the work of mission-driven teams ...
CGT Connects

CGT Connects

CGT Connects Rashmi Narsana, CEO & Founder of CGT Connects CGT Connects provides a platform to connect mission-driven organizations and consultants in a collaborative environment, empowering them to make an impact. Achieve your goal and ours: Create Good Things Nonprofit organizations are at the core of everything CGT Connects does ...
Chase Consulting Solutions Logo

Chase Consulting Solutions

Chase Consulting Solutions is a premier grant consulting and public affairs firm dedicated to empowering organizations with strategic insights to drive impactful change. Upheld by a proven track record of success, we deliver a tailored approach to address the unique funding and public policy concerns of each of our esteemed ...
Christian Nonprofit CFO logo

Christian Nonprofit CFO

Enhancing CFO Insight Expanding Ministry Impact The purpose of Christian Nonprofit CFO is simple – Equipping for Excellence. Financial leaders in ministries are often ill-equipped to address, let alone overcome, the many challenges they face. Too often they pivot from crisis to crisis. In this mode they run on the tactical treadmill ...
Church Mutual Logo

Church Mutual Insurance

The work you do to serve others serves a higher purpose. Church Mutual® shares your belief in bettering humankind, which is why we make it our mission to protect yours. We’re committed to protecting not only your people and property, but also the purpose you serve in the community that depends ...
Cindy May marketing logo

Cindy May Marketing

Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits HELLO AMAZING! Yes, I do believe everyone has AMAZING gifts to share, and can do so every day. It's those however that are dedicated to a mission of serving people in need and work tirelessly to make the world a better place that I am passionate about ...
Coeffect Logo


Coeffect works with nonprofit executives and founders of social enterprises to leverage data to make a greater impact. The leaders we work with often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to implement an impact measurement strategy. After working with us, our clients report increasing their data quality and their team's knowledge ...
colton strawser consulting logo

Colton Strawser

Colton C. Strawser, Ph.D., CFRE Colton C. Strawser started his philanthropic journey at a young age by becoming the director of marketing/fundraising for a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth and computer literacy at the age of 14. He later became the organization’s executive director and under his leadership the organization ...
Community Boost logo

Community Boost

Digital Marketing Help for Nonprofits Community Boost is a digital marketing agency that works with nonprofits of all sizes and sectors to accelerate and scale online revenue and impact. We launched Community Boost because we dreamed of doing our part to make the world a better place by leveraging our ...
Concord Leadership Group logo

Concord Leadership Group

MARC A PITMAN, CSP Concord Leadership Group founder Marc A. Pitman, CSP® helps leaders, especially in the context of fundraising, lead their teams with more effectiveness and less stress. He’s the author of Ask Without Fear!® – which has been translated into Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and Mandarin. He’s also the executive director ...
Copley Raff Logo and Tagline

Copley Raff

Copley Raff is a US and international management and fundraising consultancy to the nonprofit community. We are distinguished by the extraordinary results we deliver for our clients, our exclusive Master Gift Officer™ educational programs and our thought leadership. We provide nonprofit organizations with individually tailored management and fundraising consulting services ...
Cougar Mountain Software

Cougar Mountain Software

Cougar Mountain Software develops leading, on-premises accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses. Designed to be your complete accounting solution, Denali adapts to fit your needs. You can rest assured knowing your accounting system complies with GAAP and FASB standards and employs security features to deter fraud. To learn more ...
Courageous Communication

Courageous Communication

Burned out, stressed out and bummed out? There’s a way out. Learn how to increase your influence with Maryanne Dersch of Courageous Communication so you can get others to do what you want without feeling rejected, ineffective, or pushy. When you increase your influence, you get more done, more easily ...
Nonprofit.Courses Select by Coursera


Coursera partners with more than 275 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide. Coursera offers a range of learning opportunities—from hands-on projects and courses to job-ready certificates and degree programs. At Coursera, you can start, switch, or advance your career with more ...
Cox and Associates CPAs LLC logo

Cox and Associates CPAs, LLC

Cox and Associates CPAs LLC is a full-service accounting firm that is experienced in all areas of non-profit accounting. We have worked with non-profit organizations since 1996 and have the experience to get your engagement done efficiently and effectively. The firm was established by Cynthia Cox, CPA, with the desire ...
CX University

CX University

CX University is the premier center for customer experience education, training, and contemporary knowledge. The company’s “learn anywhere and anytime” model features teaching concepts that are immediately applicable, through: Customer Experience Online Courses with options for earning your certification or college credits Patient Experience Online Courses with the option to ...
Databasey logo


My 20+ year fundraising career was filled with big wins and big failures. The wins were spectacular, but it’s the failures that compelled me to launch Databasey. No fundraiser should have to struggle to identify the right prospects, understand how the philanthropic landscape is evolving, or struggle to understand which ...
Demelza Marie logo

Demelza Marie

Hi, I'm Demelza Marie. Are you a new, or struggling, course creator? Do you have a message to share but you're struggling to make the impact that you know you could make? Do you feel like you're the unheard course creator but you know that, if you could just get ...
Democracy Labs

Democracy Labs

Democracy Labs finds, applies and shares innovative solutions for nonprofits. It uses existing free/affordable solutions so that nonprofits can make a bigger impact with less money and effort. Over 400 projects are featured on its website. More information at info@thedemlabs.org See Recorded Content, On-Demand, Below ...
development consulting solutions

Development Consulting Solutions

Fundraising in a nonprofit is difficult without professional experience and skills. Whether you need a plan to get started, a campaign to be managed, or a specific project to be completed, let us do the job for YOU. Development Consulting Solutions picks up where the other consultants leave off. Now ...
DH Leonard logo

DH Leonard Consulting

DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC offers a full-service suite of grant writing and consulting services including auditing grant readiness, researching funders, writing applications, and facilitating grant teams. As our client, you receive tailored services based on the current internal capacity of your organization to ensure maximum grant seeking ...
Diane Darling Logo

Diane Darling

Diane Darling is a consultant, keynote speaker, instructor, and leadership coach with over 20 years of experience in researching, developing, and educating on the role of professional networking strategies in individual career development and business performance. She offers virtual and in-person speaking engagements, one-on-one leadership coaching, and strategic consulting tailored ...
DipJar Logo


DipJar has been around since 2014 and we’ve changed so much along the way! What started as a way for barista’s to accept cashless tips eventually transformed into a way for nonprofits to revolutionize how they accept in-person donations. Along the way, we’ve worked with thousands of nonprofits across the ...
Donor Relations Guru

Donor Relations Guru

Lynne Wester is the Donor Relations Guru! If you’ve ever imagined having cocktails with the lovechild of Mrs. Maisel and Dave Chapelle, then you probably have met Lynne Wester, The Donor Relations Guru. She delivers thought provoking fundraising lessons with a keen focus on the donor experience. Her southern accent ...
DonorBox logo


All nonprofits have one common goal; meeting a need that will make the world a better place! Our mission is to empower that goal. Donorbox provides an affordable, easy-to-use, and powerful online fundraising solution that enables quick and easy fundraising for you, while you build meaningful connections with your supporters ...
Dot Org Strategy Logo


How dotOrgStrategy Helps Nonprofits At dotOrgStrategy we know that nonprofits struggle to compete for the attention and support they need to do more good in the world. They’re frustrated trying to compete against viral videos and countless marketers. Your cause is more important than the latest trend, but it feels ...
Dynamic Nonprofits Podcast

Dynamic Nonprofits Podcast

A different kind of nonprofit podcast! Dynamic Nonprofits' mission is to help the nonprofit community increase it's impact by advocating for a 360 degree approach to fundraising. With his unique perspective, and over a decade of industry experience, host Dan Sonners goes beyond generic tips and buzzwords to deconstruct fundraising ...


Traditionally, technology and nonprofits have existed in separate worlds. At Elevation, we are bridging this longstanding gap by combining these two ostensibly different industries into one. We believe that technology is a catalyst that can propel nonprofits into making a greater impact. Our team at Elevation is that bridge and ...
Envision Consulting logo

Envision Consulting

Our Mission? Inspired Leadership. At Envision Consulting, we know that Inspired Leadership is what takes nonprofit organizations from good to incredible. We believe it takes more than a village; it takes tenacity, creativity & integrity to make even the smallest impact. That’s why we’re passionate about charity. This isn’t our ...
Erik Hanberg

Erik Hanberg

Erik Hanberg has spent more than 15 years working with non-profits. In addition to serving as the director of two nonprofits, he has worked for nonprofits in marketing and fundraising, and served on boards and committees for more than a dozen organizations, often in leadership roles. He is the author of three ...
Eskin Fundraising Training logo

Eskin Fundraising Training

Most people are afraid of asking for gifts, even for organizations they care deeply about. Fear of the unknown holds them back, and that’s perfectly normal. Eskin Fundraising Training demystifies the art and science of fundraising and empowers professional and volunteer non-profit advocates to play productive roles in the discovery, ...
Fairlight Advisors Logo

Fairlight Advisors

At Fairlight, we are uniquely positioned to combine our experience with a strong working knowledge of the nonprofit ecosystem in order to bring targeted and effective solutions to bear on today’s nonprofit needs. We work with both teams and individuals to manage risk and optimize investments so our clients’ time ...


Feathr helps organizations know, grow, and engage their audiences with easy-to-use advertising, email, and digital engagement tools. We're focused on helping organizations create more engaging digital experiences for their audiences and believe that thoughtful and innovative use of data and technology is key to achieving that mission. We create strategic ...
Finestone Marketing Solutions Logo

Finestone Marketing Solutions

Deborah Finestone has a 20-year career in communications and marketing and has spent the last 7 years focusing on social media marketing. She’s a certified social media marketer who helps nonprofits and small businesses have a bigger impact in the world. Her strategies help clients stop being the best thing ...
firefly partners logo

Firefly Partners

Your mission is vital, and when people hear your story it resonates. But cutting through the noise and connecting with the right supporters is getting harder. You're looking for more than just transactions - you are looking for human-to-human engagement, and growing your base of supporters who will show up ...


Firespring is a go-to for marketing, printing, software and strategic guidance for thousands of businesses and nonprofits all over the world. Whether you’re a startup, small business or a Fortune 500 company, they’re here to help you intentionally develop your brand and identify your purpose. Check out the Firespring Podcast: the ROI of Why: ...
fLo Logo

fLo Content

Real People. Real Stories. fLO Content Co-Founder Stephanie Shaterian fLO is a video content producer specializing in projects with a documentary feel that serve specific goals or strategic purposes. We work with decision makers in the for profit and non profit sectors who have immediate video needs for marketing, promotional, ...
Flourish and Grit logo

Flourish and Grit

Hi. I'm Emily McGuire... The Owner and Chief Email Marketer of Flourish & Grit: An Email Marketing and Automation Studio. As someone who honors the grit it takes to get through this world, I appreciate ways to work smarter, not harder. With lessons learned over a decade in tech, sending thousands of ...
Nonprofit.Course Bookstore Funding for Good

Funding for Good

Mandy Pearce Mandy Pearce is a grant writing expert, executive and development coach, fundraising consultant, and national fundraising trainer. Mandy launched Funding for Good, Inc. in 2009 to equip organizations with the skills and tools needed to become successful and sustainable. Mandy has taken her passion and expertise for fundraising ...
Fundraising HayDay logo

Fundraising HayDay

A podcast about grants and such. WHY WE STARTED FUNDRAISING HAYDAY We started Fundraising Hayday because we love what we do. We love helping people find funding in order to make the world a better place. We both live in the metro Atlanta area, and like most high-density metropolitans, people ...
Fundraising Levers logo

Fundraising Levers

With over a decade of experience in the sector and a Master's degree in Public Administration, Anne Hager now helps Executive Directors without Development staff diversify their revenue and raise more money. Her career spans board, executive and senior leadership positions in the nonprofit sector, where she gained extensive experience ...
Gina Furia Rubel

Furia Rubel Communications

Corporate and law firm leaders call on Gina for high-stakes public relations, crisis planning, and incident response support including high profile litigation media relations. One of the most widely acknowledged experts on legal marketing and law firm public relations, Gina Rubel is a sought-after speaker and media expert. (As an ...
Get Fully Funded logo

Get Fully Funded

Together, we can change the world!  At Get Fully Funded Sandy Rees knows fundraising isn’t easy, especially when you’re just starting out. Sandy started Get Fully Funded in 2005 because she hated seeing really good causes struggle to raise the money they need. She knew there’s an easier way because she’d ...
gift planning development logo

Gift Planning Development

Joe Tumolo, CAP® As CEO of Gift Planning Development, Joe has helped over 75 organizations expand their gift planning programs. He loves structure and process and works with his clients to get more intentional and confident around integrating gift planning into all of their internal conversations, donor interactions, and reporting ...
Givebutter Logo


Givebutter, established in 2016, is a fundraising technology company based in Washington, D.C., powering millions in online donations, fundraising campaigns, and ticketed events for more than 30,000 charitable causes charitable causes around the world. Combining industry best practices such as Peer-to-Peer with innovative technologies like Venmo, Givebutter helps organizations raise more, ...
Giving Docs

Giving Docs

Giving Docs aims to make estate planning accessible to everyone while amplifying planned giving. We empower nonprofits to reach a much wider audience of prospective planned giving donors, and we help planned giving officers complete the final step in the planned giving donor journey. The Giving Docs platform empowers donors ...


The GivingDNA Platform is fundraising analytics made easy. Unlock the Giving Potential of Your Supporters. Understand each unique supporter using hundreds of attributes easily visualized and actionable in seconds. Predict who is most likely to join or stay with your cause and be moved to action. Deliver truly personal experiences ...
GivingHeartBeat cover


GivingHeartBeat Creator and Host Donna Valente shares her backstory of what led her to start GivingHeartBeat amidst the depths of uncertainty of the global pandemic lockdown . . . Clicking open an email from SCORE about the Rise Up Challenge and learning from legions of leaders to look within to ...
Grace Social Sector Consulting

Grace Social Sector Consulting

What I do Through Grace Social Sector Consulting, I work with nonprofit organizations and associations that want to become more strategic, effective and innovative for greater mission impact. My passion is helping organizations cultivate healthy, inclusive cultures that live their values, fostering learning, creativity and results.  Working with me I ...
grants.gov logo


Grants.gov is a service of the United States federal government, to instruct the public on the availability of US government grants and how to apply for them. This is a very useful program that offers a wide variety of resources. The videos here are presented as a convenience to our ...
GrantsMagicU gif


Maryn Boess, Founder/Chief Magic-Maker, GrantsMagic Over her 25+-year career in the nonprofit world, Maryn has been an on-staff program developer and grantwriter; a independent grants consultant (winning more than $42 million for her clients over 10 years); a grants project manager; a grants trainer; a grants reviewer, author, speaker, mentor and ...
GrantStation GS square logo


GrantStation Your Fast Track To Funding GrantStation provides nonprofit organizations, grant professionals, and others in the philanthropic community with the education, articles, and tools to find funding to support their organizations, programs, and projects. Free Tools and Resources Newsletters The GrantStation Insider is our free weekly newsletter. Don't miss the ...
Great Careers BENG Logo


Your Career Our Mission WHO WE ARE Whether you are employed or self-employed, you should be managing your career. This means keeping your documents up to date, refining your networking skills, building your sphere of influence, and building your technology skills. For almost a decade GreatCareers/BENG has offered career success ...
Group to Team logo

Group to Team

Often non-profits have an advantage over for-profit organizations when seeking to operate as a TEAM.  The key to generating and maintaining TEAM is common cause.  When individuals within an organization are operating out of self-interest, they generate the experience of “group” – but when they operate out of shared interest, ...
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Growth & Co.

Growth & Co. is a nonprofit consulting firm that helped organizations raise over 100 million dollars. We break down the concepts, systems, and processes that work in large charities into simple parts that smaller nonprofits can apply. Larissa Stoddart and the Growth & Co. team offer a fresh perspective that ...
Guila Muir: Train the Trainer

Guila Muir: Train the Trainer

Expert Trainer Of Trainers, Facilitators, And Presenters Guila Muir has been a leader in the Train the Trainer field since 1993. Her lively, research-based workshops support those who develop the skills of employees world-wide. Whether your company needs to design active training sessions, improve communications, or run better meetings, Guila ...
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Hallett Philanthropy

Hallett Philanthropy is a proven commodity that delivers results.  With a Mission statement of “Serving Clients Full Circle,” the firm is organized to meet client’s needs and exceed expectations.  What drives Hallett Philanthropy is simple, yet in-depth. To continue to be a thought-leader in philanthropy To provide measurable ROI for ...
Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance* is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations maintain compliance with federal, state, and local government licensing requirements. We offer comprehensive support services for compliance in every stage of the corporate lifecycle. No matter the situation, you’ll work one-on-one with an experienced Nonprofit Compliance Specialist who will complete the required ...
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Heller Fundraising Group

The Heller Fundraising Group builds abundance for nonprofit clients through customized consulting and training for successful capital campaigns, insightful feasibility studies, and prosperous major gift programs. As a versatile consulting firm that transforms nonprofit fundraising, their clients are raising more money, more quickly while examining limiting beliefs. The Heller Fundraising Group's ...
henry freeman photo nonprofit.courses

Henry Freeman

During Henry Freeman's 40 year career, he has served on more than two dozen governing boards; taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in nonprofit management; and worked with more than 100 organizations ranging from small nonprofits with no development staff, to some of the largest nonprofits in the United States ...
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HireMyMom.com matches businesses (and nonprofits) with committed, qualified moms for contract work or full time, remote employment. We've been around over 23 years! Our founder started HireMyMom in 2007 but wait for this…. did you know she started her first website for moms working from home in 1997? Yes, Lesley ...
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Holly Rustick

Holly Rustick, founder of Grant Writing & Funding, is a grant writing expert and Amazon bestselling author on grant writing. She is President-Elect of the Guam Women's Chamber of Commerce and a professor at the University of Guam. Holly's been on both sides of the grant writing coin – writing them for over a ...
iMission Institute News and Ideas

iMission Institute

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization might be, at iMission we’re interested in your mindset and attitude. If your organization has an entrepreneurial mindset then we’re excited to help you reach your goals and advance your mission ...
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Indigo Skies Consulting

Sharon Papo is a Fundraising Consultant and Executive Coach. She supports executive and development directors to grow into effective, badass fundraising professionals. Her specialty is motivating Boards to fundraise, launching successful capital campaigns, and growing major donor programs. As a fundraising consultant, speaker, and trainer, Sharon is known for her ...
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Insightful Philanthropy

At Insightful, we believe in the power of philanthropy. It is our mission to leverage the resources we have to help you achieve yours. Insightful was designed by fundraisers for fundraisers to provide an easy way to access vetted information to improve engagement with donors. When you know more, you raise more. Insightful ...


Nonprofit Resources for Inspire-Inc. Overview of Nonprofits Sample Nonprofit Organizational Chart (Document) What is the Difference Between a Business and Nonprofit? (Podcast, 90 Seconds) Who Owns a Nonprofit? (Video – 7 Minutes) What is a 501c3 organization? Learn what it means for a startup nonprofit to become tax-exempt (Video, 8 ...


Instrumentl is here to help you move the world forward. We propel the best non-profits into a bigger, brighter future by building a better way to fundraise. Instrumentl (aff. link) helps nonprofits and grant writers go from using tons of tools to just one tool for their discovery, tracking and ...
Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service In the United States, the United States Treasury Department’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) creates the definitions and regulations for much of the nonprofit sector.  The IRS states “State law governs nonprofit status, which is determined by an organization’s articles of incorporation or trust documents. Federal law governs ...
IPM Advancement Logo

IPM Advancement

IPM Advancement is a full-service agency focused on nonprofit fundraising, communications and analytics. Since 2007, we’ve delivered smart, cost-effective solutions designed to engage target audiences and get them to take action. IPM provides a comprehensive menu of fundraising, advocacy and membership solutions — combining the creative services of a design firm, full production ...
Iris Creative logo

Iris Creative

Iris Creative helps organizations build a solid foundation that aligns audiences, messaging, image, and experiences so that communications drive strategic goals forward. With that clarity, organizations can communicate in infinite ways without getting pulled off their center. Through consulting and creative work, we’ll guide you there. Find Iris Creative's Live ...
J Campbell Social Marketing

J Campbell Social Marketing

Based in Boston, Julia is a global authority on digital storytelling, with happy clients spanning the globe from Moscow to San Francisco. She has provided workshops and training to Meals on Wheels America, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Facebook. Julia is a frequent contributor ...
Nonprofit.Courses Bookstore James A. Cox

James Cox

James A. Cox James Cox is a financial advisor with FFG Advisors. He focuses on wealth and risk management for clients of the firm, many of which are entrepreneurs and business owners. His practice helps individuals manage risk within their finances, even as they are striving toward creating successful companies ...
Looking foward podcast with Jeff Ostroff wide logo

Jeff Ostroff

Looking Forward Podcast with Jeff Ostroff Jeff Ostroff's multi-faceted career as a marketing and communications professional has enabled him to work with and for many organizations: small to large, fledgling to established, public to private sector.  In that capacity, he has used his skills and experience to promote businesses, ventures, ...
Jitasa Logo


Jitasa is the largest national bookkeeping and accounting service provider dedicated solely to the nonprofit sector. Our name means “The Spirit of Serving Others,” and we are passionate about broadening nonprofit outreach. We offer bookkeeping and accounting solutions that cater to nonprofits of almost any size. We also provide tax ...
joanne opplet consulting logo

Joanne Oppelt Consulting

Joanne Oppelt Consulting collaborates with nonprofit professionals to help build revenue streams, create sustainable funding, and increase positive net income. Joanne is a seasoned rainmaker with a distinguished track record of success. With a 25+-year background in work roles from Grants Writer to Executive Director in both large and small organizations, ...


As Founder and CEO of Kanopi Studios, Anne Stefanyk helps create clarity around project needs and turns client conversations into actionable outcomes. She enjoys helping clients identify their problems, and then empowering the Kanopi team to execute great solutions. Anne fell into the Drupal community in 2007 and admired both ...
Kathy Rue

Kathy Rue

"Any time I tell someone I am an accountant, the first thing they ask is "Are you a CPA?"  I have always been proud to say yes.  My career spanned from public accounting at a Big 8 firm to internal audit for an international corporation (with the chance to travel ...
keela logo


Keela is a nonprofit-focused software company on the cutting edge of innovation in the sector. Our mission is to serve and support every organization that is empowering positive change. We are the first affordable, nonprofit specific CRM platform to provide intelligent tools and guided decision making, helping nonprofit professionals make ...
Focus Foreword Coaching logo

Kirsten Ross

Through her work as CEO of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC and also her volunteer endeavors, Kirsten E. Ross Vogel has had the privilege of supporting many individuals through their work, life and relationship challenges. In her business life she works with family businesses to help them achieve success through generations ...
Nonprofit.Courses Bookstore Lavonne Nichols

Lavonne Nichols

Lavonne Nichols Lavonne Nichols is a singer, actress, host, mentor, community organizer, and influencer. Lavonne has made it her mission not only to show love through her talents but more importantly show love through her giving. She aims to bring encouragement to her community, and anyone whom she can reach ...
lead at any level logo

Lead at Any Level

Leaders can be anywhere, and should be everywhere! Lead at Any Level LLC promotes in-the-trenches leadership, diversity and inclusion, and career management. Through coaching and mentoring, public speaking engagements, and other offerings, we bridge the gap between abstract management initiatives and the ambitions of employees. Together, we can Revolutionize your ...
Leadership Recruiters

Leadership Recruiters

Priscilla Rosenwald is the author of the Nonprofit.Courses blog Boards Behaving Badly. Priscilla Rosenwald is one of America’s thought leaders addressing change, transition and talent in the nonprofit sector. She is highly distinguished as a recruiter and coach, providing the rare combination of leadership development, organizational dynamics, and talent selection ...
Linda Lysakowski

Linda Lysakowski

Meet Linda Lysakowski Linda Lysakowski is one of approximately 100 people world-wide who hold the coveted Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACFRE) designation. She's been in the fundraising profession for 25+ years and have written numerous books on successful fundraising. She does virtual consulting, webinars, training and mentors authors. Linda Lysakowski ...
Lorman Education Services logo

Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services After 34 years and educating over 1.4 million professionals, we know that continuing education does not always happen Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. We understand your need for concise, accurate and timely information that impacts your business and clients. Lorman Education Services accommodates ...
Picture of Lorrie Hartley Executive Director of the TKD Foundation

Lorrie Hartley

Lorrie Hartley is an exceptional leader in nonprofit organizations, board governance, fundraising, and operations. Inspires initiative and builds a strong culture of philanthropy to drive organizational growth through vision and mindful partnerships that bring inclusion, growth, and a sense of community for stakeholders. As an accomplished executive leader and visionary ...
Louder Agency Logo

Louder Agency

Louder Agency helps nonprofit organizations serving vulnerable people groups raise more funds and do more good by applying digital marketing best practices to their fundraising and communications. Online marketing is a noisy and overwhelming place. Many nonprofit leaders don’t have time to keep up with the latest tools and methods ...
Marilyn Donnellan logo

Marilyn Donnellan

Marilyn L. Donnellan defines the modern Renaissance woman. An artist, published author, wife, and mother, she also has a successful 35-year career as a nonprofit Chief Executive Officer, consultant, motivational speaker, and trainer.  She has written more than 60 books, guides, webinars and training modules on nonprofit management, including three ...
MarketAtomy Logo


Developing Relationships...Delivering Results MarketAtomy, LLC was established with one goal in mind…to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge you need to build your business on a rock-solid foundation. We do this by providing a growth development-learning environment for small and medium business owners. We reject traditional strategies by concentrating ...
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MarketSmart's innovative products and services use Internet tracking technologies to help fundraisers focus on the donors that are most likely to support their organizations with large, major or legacy gifts. In 2013, Greg coined the phrase "Engagement Fundraising" to encapsulate his breakthrough fundraising formula for achieving extraordinary results. Greg Warner ...
martin leifeld logo

Martin Leifeld Leadership and Fundraising

Martin Leifeld is an author, consultant, coach, public speaker and fundraising expert. During his 24 years of professional fundraising, Martin and his teams raised a staggering $500 million dollars. In 2018 Martin was named Outstanding Fundraising Executive by the Association of Fundraising Professional St. Louis Regional Chapter. With a passion ...
hiland consulting logo

Mary Hiland

Mary Hiland, Ph.D., guides nonprofit leaders to ignite and unleash the full potential of their boards. Mary has over 40 years of hands-on experience in the non-profit sector, as an executive director and consultant, bringing credibility and confidence to nonprofit leaders who know she understands because she’s “been there.” Mary ...


Your Printing Partner MCR is committed to providing clients with an excellent customer experience and highly-competitive rates that influence ROI. We know that your constituents want to hear from you and we make it possible through a wide-range of direct marketing strategies and services personalized to fit your needs. MCR ...
Michele S Perlstein

Michele Perlstein

Michele Perlstein is a lawyer with a healthcare background and a writer with extensive experience in the operations and funding of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and charitable institutions. She has spent her entire adult life working with nonprofit organizations and other charitable institutions. As an attorney, Michele practiced in the ...
MindEdge Learning Logo

MindEdge Learning

MindEdge Learning one of the leading quality online education providers. Now you can find more than 40 certificates and over 250 courses in a wide variety of topics, all chosen to give your nonprofit the information you need to serve your mission the best. MINDEDGE, A LEARNING HOUSE MindEdge Learning ...
Mockingbird Analytics logo

Mockingbird Analytics

Jessica Payne (she/her) is the founder and owner of Mockingbird Analytics, a community and non-profit research and evaluation company, which she comes to with a decade of research and evaluation project management experience in government, community and academic settings. She is also the co-founder of Mockingbird Incubator a nonprofit that ...
Motor City Woman logo

Motor City Woman

Robin Kinnie serves as President of Motor City Woman Studios, an audio post-production company and Audio Engineers of Detroit, an audio engineering trade school and recording studio. Her service for others extends to volunteering as an Advisory Board Member for Y Arts, the arts and humanities branch of the YMCA ...
nextafter logo


NextAfter is an online fundraising research lab and consultancy that works alongside nonprofits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learnings into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work. The NextAfter Institute is ...
Neilson Training and Consulting

Nielsen Training & Consulting

Gregory Nielsen is President and CEO of Nielsen Training & Consulting, LLC.  He is an experienced nonprofit CEO and consultant committed to helping leaders and organizations excel. Gregory has earned the prestigious BoardSource Certificate in Nonprofit Board Consulting. He is also a frequent public speaker on nonprofit leadership and governance ...
Nonprofit Amplifier

Nonprofit Amplifier

Running your organization’s marketing & communications doesn’t have to be a solo sport. Nonprofit Amplifier is here to help you learn and apply practical, actionable digital marketing best practices so your organization can grow. Advance your skills and find your community of intentional nonprofit marketers. See Live Events by Nonprofit ...
Nonprofit Consultant Zone by Nonprofit.Courses

Nonprofit Consultant Zone

The Nonprofit Consultant Zone is where consultants, freelancers, vendors and partners to nonprofits find the resources they need to make their business thrive - while doing good! Check out the more than 170 videos, podcasts and blogs for advice and tips from Nonprofit.Courses founder Matt Hugg, and more than a ...
Nonprofit Copywriter Word Wise Logo

Nonprofit Copywriter

Meet Freelance Christian Writer Kathy Widenhouse The Nonprofit Copywriter I’m Kathy and I’m a freelance Christian writer. I provide written content for nonprofits, ministries, and small businesses. I also invest in freelancers and content writers to help simplify their writing learning curve. Volunteer Turned Content Writer Writing is a second ...
Two cartoon women holding a Nonprofit Humor Sign

Nonprofit Humor

Yes, there is nonprofit humor! If you're in the nonprofit sector, sometimes (okay, a LOT of times) you need a laugh - some nonprofit humor! Why? You need nonprofit humor because nonprofit work is stressful. Children who don't have enough food. Patients with heartbreaking diagnosis. Donors  with unreasonable demands. Need ...
logo for Nonprofit Jenni

Nonprofit Jenni

NonprofitJenni provides coaching in the areas of Engagement, Communications, and Marketing to nonprofit organizations and mission-driven businesses. She also hosts the Nonprofit Jenni Show, available to download for free on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. In 2018, she launched the Nonprofit Roundtable event series, currently active in Nashville and Atlanta ...
Nonprofit Megaphone logo

Nonprofit Megaphone

Struck by the power of the Google Ad Grant, we wondered why more nonprofits were not utilizing it. We surveyed hundreds of organizations and found that 75% of eligible nonprofits either had not heard of or were not currently using the Google Grant. This means tens of thousands of organizations ...
Nonprofit Ready logo

Nonprofit Ready

NonprofitReady.org is a free online learning hub designed to close the gap most nonprofits face in training and retaining their own talent by making cutting-edge professional development resources available to any nonprofit professional anywhere, anytime, at no cost. Topics range from hard skills such as fundraising, grant writing, marketing, board governance, volunteer ...
Nonprofit Utopia Logo

Nonprofit Utopia

Nonprofit Utopia is the ideal community for emerging nonprofit leaders who want to take their organizations to the next level. We have created a safe environment in which our members can innovate, speak candidly about the issues and concerns they face on a daily basis, and share ideas and resources ...
Nonprofit VOTE logo

Nonprofit VOTE

Nonprofit VOTE is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2005 by a consortium of state nonprofit associations and national nonprofit networks to provide resources and trainings for the nonprofit sector on how to conduct nonpartisan voter participation and election activities. Nonprofit VOTE partners with America’s nonprofits to help the people they ...
Nonprofit.courses logo


Matt Hugg is president and founder of Nonprofit.Courses, your on-demand, online educational resource for nonprofit leaders, staff, board members and volunteers. Matt was inspired to create Nonprofit.Courses through his work in creating and delivering high quality international, national and local seminars, webinars and courses through professional associations (such as the ...
Nonprofit.Courses Select logo

Nonprofit.Courses Select!

Nonprofit.Courses Select! brings you the top 5% of the Nonprofit.Courses content featuring... More than 30 certificates and over 250 courses in 27 nonprofit focused and nonprofit helpful subject areas. More than half of the Nonprofit.Courses Select! courses are accredited by ACE: The American Council on Education for possible transfer credit ...
Nonprofit.Courses Bookstore NonprofitHR


NonprofitHR As the country’s leading full-service human resources firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector, NonprofitHR understands the unique needs of mission-driven organizations like no one else. NonprofitHR partners with nonprofits and associations in project-based human resources consulting, HR outsourcing, talent acquisition, executive search, and knowledge & insights, all with the objective of making ...
Jason Cohen NY Video Pros

NYC Video Pros

NYC Video Pros is led by Executive Producer, Jason Cohen. With a rich background in media production and client services, Cohen is well versed to help clients identify and craft video solutions that meet their needs. Under Cohen’s leadership, NYC Video Pros has crafted video solutions in any number of formats ...
Organizing to Win logo

Organizing to Win

Mira Weinstein has a thirty-year history leading political and organizing campaigns. She’s directed successful organizing and mobilization campaigns for many different kinds of non-profit, advocacy and labor organizations, in addition to candidates for office and ballot measures. She also designs and facilitates interactive training programs, both online and in-person. Mira ...
Painted Rock Advisors

Painted Rock Advisors

Through Painted Rock Advisors, Gary Cohn brings over thirty years of non-profit and development experience to his work as a trusted advisor. He began his work as a middle market banker from 1977-1992. Providing banking services and counsel for privately owned businesses with sales from $5-100 million. After being trained ...
PaytonPlace logo

Payton Place

Sharolyn Payton, Lead Coach My passion is developing human potential through a social-justice framework. I am a Certified Master Life Coach, trainer, and Licensed Standards for Excellence (nonprofit) consultant, whose mission is to help leaders lead more confidently and to live more authentically.  I specialize in competency-based human development using ...
People415 Logo


People415 is a San Francisco-based People Operations Consultancy Firm helping companies effectively leverage their most important asset - their people. We provide real-world solutions for small- to midsize companies, including startups, non-profits, and established entities. Becky Barton, CEO of People415 Our offerings include talent acquisition, compensation alignment, training and development, ...
Philanthroforce logo


Philanthroforce is the largest publicly accessible directory of consultants serving nonprofits.  With hundreds of listings covering 60+ specialties, it makes it easy (and free) for nonprofits to access a large, diverse talent pool.  Nonprofits can use the robust search feature to quickly focus on strong matches.  They can directly message individual consultants or use the Easy Match feature ...
Philips Np and NGO Consulting Logo

Philips Nonprofit Consulting

Victoria M. Philips is a trailblazer in the world of nonprofit consulting. As the Founder and CEO of Philips Nonprofit Consulting, located in San Diego, California, she combines her impressive breadth of knowledge with a fervor for empowering vibrant nonprofits. Over her 15-year career, Victoria has master in an array ...
Pivotal Solutions Consulting logo and tag

Pivotal Solutions Consulting

At Pivotal Solutions Consulting, we keep innovative businesses, nonprofits and creative professionals around the world moving forward. Learning about you, meeting your goals and producing solutions to your problems is our passion and purpose. We are thinkers, makers and doers who prioritize needs and develop strategies that help you build ...
PivotGround logo

PivotGround Consulting

As the founder and heart behind PivotGround, Sarah Olivieri helps nonprofits make a big impact with relative ease. Sarah is a nonprofit business strategist, #1 International Best Selling author, and former Executive Director. She has spoken at over a dozen conferences and online trainings and has been a featured expert ...
PMA compass with y and b logo

PMA Consulting

PMA Consulting Helps Nonprofit Leaders How does PMA Consulting Helps Nonprofit Leaders? Our mission is to guide nonprofit leaders as they navigate opportunities and challenges in an ever-changing world.  Let us know how we can help achieve the goals you've set for your nonprofit this year. We Can Help You ...
Powerful Digital Solutions logo

Powerful Digital Solutions

Who Am I? My name is Andrew Martinez, President of Powerful Digital Solutions. I'm a WordPress website consultant and digital solutions provider. My Mission is to help service based solopreneurs and startups create an amazing online presence that gets noticed and yields results. In other words, my job is to ...
Prospect Research Institute logo

Prospect Research Institute

Jen Filla designed the Prospect Research Institute to be a vibrant, online learning community providiing high-quality educational content, the opportunity to connect with peers, and an outlet for new ideas in the field of nonprofit fundraising re She offers online courses, a membership community, and other educational content that prepares ...
Qgiv Logo 2022


Qgiv exists to help nonprofit and faith-based organizations raise more money with a comprehensive suite of fundraising tools featuring customizable donation forms, event registration, peer-to-peer fundraising, text giving with outbound messaging, and app-based auctions. We believe that outstanding causes deserve outstanding software designed with your unique needs in mind. From ...
Queen Bee Fundraising Logo

Queen Bee Fundraising

A.J. Steinberg, CFRE founder of Queen Bee Fundraising With over 20 years’ experience as a nonprofit event planner and engagement strategist, A.J. Steinberg has produced over 100 successful events and raised millions of dollars for organizations with her Los Angeles-based production company. In 2015 A.J. launched Queen Bee Fundraising to ...
Racy Conversations logo

Racy Conversations

Our Mission My mission is to build and support a community of people committed to love, learning, accountability, and action on race in America. My particular focus is on helping individuals and organizations move forward from awareness of race, diversity, and inclusion to action and accountability. I have a strong and ...
Raiser Sharp Consulting logo

Raiser Sharp Consulting

Raiser Sharp Consulting is a Christian-led, mission-focused organization providing Fundraising, Leadership Development and Marketing/Social Media services to nonprofits using a unique service model that can best be described as "shared professionals." Company management bring more than 30 years combined experience to the table, and we direct our services exclusively to ...
Red Apple Auctions logo image

Red Apple Auctions

Benefit auctioneer Sherry Truhlar escaped a corporate cubicle to launch Red Apple Auctions. Today she works as a fundraising educator and onstage auctioneer, helping nonprofits across the country plan more profitable benefit auctions through her business, Red Apple Auctions. A prolific writer for her own blog and other fundraising sites, ...
Nonprofit.Courses Bookstore Benjamin Packard

Retainer Media

Benjamin Packard Benjamin found his way into video as a way to educate the public on social issues. His love of documentary brought him to Participant Media where he worked on Food Inc., The Cove and Waiting for Superman.  Fusing his love video and social activism, he founded Retainer Media, a production company ...
Roberts Rules of Order Made Simple logo

Robert’s Rules Made Simple

Non-profits cannot afford poorly run meetings. Susan Leahy MA CSP is a certified speaking professional, coach, Robert’s Rules of Order and board dynamics expert. She is the creator of Roberts Rules Made Simple and co-founder of the global training and consulting company Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. Susan Leahy ...
Sapphire Fundraising Specialists logo

Sapphire Fundraising Specialists

Working with established nonprofits, Sapphire Fundraising Specialists is focused on providing personal attention based on the needs of each organization as they stand today. Founded by Principal Consultant Susan Kahan, we assess our clients' goals, operations, and definitions of success to collaboratively develop a fundraising plan that is actionable and ...
stewardship matters

Scott Thomas, Stewardship Matters

Scott Thomas is the founder of Stewardship Matters, Inc.; a wealth advisory firm in Maitland, Florida. Scott is a Chartered Financial Consultant, Retirement Income Certified Professional, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, and a Certified Kingdom Advisor. Scott started his career as a financial advisor in 1986. His motto is “to become ...
Sean Hale consulting yellow on green logo

Sean Hale Consulting

Sean Hale's served nonprofits for more than twenty years. He loves getting the administrative side running smoothly so the organization can truly focus and flourish. Most recently, as Mission Capital’s Chief Financial & Operations Officer, Sean made improvements that reduced waste, generated new revenue, boosted staff productivity and morale, grew ...
shalita o'neall nonprofitista

Shalita O’Neale, Nonprofitista

I'm Shalita O'Neale, and I was in your very shoes almost 10 years ago. I wanted to start a non-profit for young adults in foster care but I didn’t know how. I was fueled by my personal experience growing up in kinship and foster care and I wanted to change ...
Sheila Azad

Sheila Azad

Sheila Azad is an executive and personal coach who helps clients become sustainable leaders at work and in life.  She began her career as an attorney in corporate law firms in New York City. As a coach, Sheila helps lawyers and other professionals increase personal effectiveness and optimize performance.  She ...
SkillMasters Market logo


Your organization has amazing programs and services. Your staff excel in their roles. You are meeting needs and serving your community. Things are going well, and then you realize... You need to prepare your staff to scale a program. You want to develop your staff with essential leadership skills. You ...
SMCo Thrift Logo

SMCo Thrift Consultants

The SMCo Thrift team works with you to grow your organization. With decades of collective experience managing thrift stores, we can share our insights as you open new locations, expand your donation base, streamline your processing, create a memorable customer experience, and everything in between. Our team is committed to ...
Social Lens wide logo

Social Lens

At Social Lens, we believe that creating social impact is about more than just delivering services or programs. It’s about building strong relationships, trust, and a shared sense of purpose with the communities that our clients serve. That’s why our mission is to work collaboratively with our clients to build ...
Splendid Consulting Watermark

Splendid Consulting

Meet Christina Edwards, the Founder of Splendid Consulting and host of the Purpose and Profit Club Podcast, a lifelong entrepreneur, marketing and business coach who works with ambitious nonprofits. Her popular courses, Easy Emails and Amplify Social Impact, teach organizations how to get noticed and funded, create a magnetic voice, and make lead generation simple and painless! See Live Events ...
Sponsorship Seeker's Lounge Logo

Sponorship Seekers Lounge

Sponsorship Seekers Lounge is a North American based (with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) sponsorship sales organization. Our total focus is on sponsorship sales and cause marketing. We manage our client opportunities across four interconnected service areas: 1 to 1 Consulting, Human Resources Solutions, Workshops ...
the sponsorship collective logo

Sponsorship Collective

At The Sponsorship Collective, our goal is simple. We want to help you, the sponsorship seeker, find clarity, stand out from the crowd and build lasting partnerships in a repeatable and scalable way. We help you go from spinning your tires to building real partnerships. Chris Baylis, CEO of The ...
Sports Philanthropy Network

Sports Philanthropy Network

The Sports Philanthropy Network builds STRONGER, HEALTHIER and MORE INCLUSIVE communities through sports. The Sports Philanthropy Network provides professional development programs and educational resources including the Sports Philanthropy Webinar series, the Sports Philanthropy Podcast, our Event Calendar, our blog resources and our annual Sports Philanthropy World Conference. We also provide ...
St. Mary's University Logo

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota was the first master’s degree of its kind, graduating it’s first Masters of Arts in Philanthropy and Development in 1994. A blended teaching model from the start, where students complete a two-week residency in Minnesota followed by ongoing online instruction, has encouraged professional networks that ...
Stelter Logo

Stelter Company

The Stelter Company is an integrated marketing agency that provides nonprofits with the strategies needed to optimize revenue across the development portfolio. Our focus is making it easier to capture more high-value gifts of assets. We dive deep into the donor journey and know how to turn donor intentions into ...
storytelling nonprofit logo

StoryTelling Nonprofit

Vanessa Chase Lockshin is a consultant specializing in non-profit storytelling, fundraising and communications, author of The Storytelling Non-Profit: A practical guide to telling stories that raise money and awareness, and the creator of immersive online training programs for non-profit professionals. Vanessa's approach goes beyond strategies and tactics to empower non-profit professionals ...
strategic Philanthropy ltd Logo with Tagline

Strategic Philanthropy Ltd

At Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., we believe that truly effective philanthropy is a partnership between our team of committed professionals and our clients. That working together we can achieve measurable social return on charitable investments driven by transparency, best practices, knowledge and creativity. All of this can only happen when there is ...
Successful Nonprofits Logo

Successful Nonprofits

Successful Nonprofits believes that nonprofits have the unique ability to solve intransigent problems and transform society. To fulfill this promise and build a better world, not for profit organizations must find ways to break out of business as usual. The vast majority of nonprofit executives are treading water in a ...


The vision and leadership enabled Sucuri to become the most recommended website security service among web professionals. Since 2009, our globally-distributed team has ceaselessly innovated with one l in mind – to make websites safer and faster in a world of emerging threats. [Nonprofit.Courses puts its trust in Sucuri and ...
Sumption and Wyland logo

Sumption & Wyland

Sumption & Wyland, established in 1990, provides nonprofit board governance consulting, strategic planning for hospitals and other select clients, and executive coaching services. Margaret J. Sumption, MSED, LPC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Margaret J. Sumption, MSED, LPC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, has over thirty-five years of experience as a teacher and counselor, nonprofit administrator, ...
Support World Hope logo

Supporting World Hope

Sabrina Walker Hernandez is a certified consultant, coach, facilitator, & bestselling author who helps small nonprofit Staff & Board build relationships that convert into more donations. She has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership. Among Sabrina’s successes is that she increased operation revenue from $750,000 ...
SureImpact Logo


SureImpact is purpose-built software to manage, measure, and communicate your social impact. SureImpact is the only technology solution specifically designed for all members of the social-good sector. Our proven collaborative infrastructure combines case management, impact measurement, reporting, and analytics to enhance your organization’s delivery of mission-critical services, engage your communities, ...
Susan Detwiler

Susan Detwiler

When you reach out to The Detwiler Group, we find the right experts for your project. First we listen. Then together we determine the skills and expertise you need, whether it’s helping your board envision the future, raise the funds for a new building, or develop an administrative environment that ...
Synergies in Philanthropy logo

Synergies in Philanthropy

Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting (Synergies) We activate team-centered innovation and creative and synergistic solutions for visionary companies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropies. Synergies specializes in fundraising, cross-border giving, and stakeholder engagement. By blending consulting with facilitation and coaching, Synergies helps clients optimize outcomes in the virtual space and the 21st century distributed ...
Teach a Man to Fish logo

Teach a Man to Fish

Teach A Man To Fish is guided by a simple, all-encompassing mission: to empower young people with the skills they need to succeed in school, work, and life. Around 71 million young people all over the world are currently unemployed and 156 million young people are trapped in "working poverty" ...
TeachersTech logo

Teacher’s Tech

Teacher's Tech wants to help you get more out of your tech. Weekly videos will showcase tips, tricks, tutorials, apps, extensions, and tech gadgets. About Jamie Keet: I've taught for over 15 years, during that time I have had the chance to teach elementary through high school and lead many ...
Teresa Huff Logo

Teresa Huff

Teresa Huff is the host of the Grant Writing Simplified Podcast and the go-to expert in grant writing and strategy for nonprofits. She’s helped nonprofits triple their funding and maximize their impact. After winning over $7 million for schools and nonprofits, she now teaches grant writers and nonprofits the strategies ...
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ThankView is a fast growing tech startup focused on making outreach more impactful through personalized video. Whether you want to create sincere solicitations, spice up event invites or individually thank donors, the ThankView video platform will allow you to design, record, send and track 1 video or 100,000 videos in ...
The Accountant beside you logo

The Accountant Beside You

Lisa London, CPA is known worldwide as The Accountant Beside You. She has spent three decades working in public accounting as an auditor and small business consultant with Deloitte & Touche, LLP, in corporate accounting as a director of finance for a division of Kodak, Inc., and as a consultant with venture ...
Board Doctor Logo

The Board Doctor

Meet the Board Doctor I'm Cathy Allen, The Board Doctor. We all want a doctor who will listen before telling us what to do, one who takes the time to get a clear and complete picture before racing in with a costly or disruptive fix. After working with all kinds ...
The Course Whisperer

The Course Whisperer

Cindy Nicholson is a former teacher and corporate trainer who helps entrepreneurs design and develop online courses that get real results. She calls herself the Course Whisperer for her keen ability to turn the incredible knowledge of her clients into effective and engaging learning material. After years of creating training programs ...
The Development Debrief

The Development Debrief

The Development Debrief host Kathryn Van Sickle is a passionate fundraiser, community builder, and storyteller. Currently, she is a major gift officer at Columbia University, and living in New York City. Kathryn is a regional officer representing the University Development team in a central capacity. She is responsible for building ...
Fundraising Lab Logo

The Fundraising Lab

Meet the Fundraising Lab Our Mission: Helping you achieve yours You need to raise money. And you’re doing so many things right. All you need is some help to bring all the pieces together. Cathy Mann | MA, CFRE, Founder & CEO What we know: Wherever you need help, we’ll meet you where you ...
the Good Partnership Logo

The Good Partnership

Be the small non-profit the world needs. Is fundraising keeping you up at night? You know, that nagging feeling that won’t leave you alone and causes stress and burn out? The Good Partnership can help you raise more money so you can focus on the work you love, sleep better ...
The Introvert Sisters logo

The Introvert Sisters Podcast

The Introvert Sisters podcast is a twice-monthly show hosted and produced by Sharon Hurley Hall and Lisa Hurley, two INFJs with a lot to say. The show celebrates the amazingness of introverts and shares their relatable take on what it’s like to be two quiet girls in a noisy world. It is also ...
nonprofit career coach logo

The Nonprofit Career Coach

Mark McCurdy The Nonprofit Career Coach Mark McCurdy, Author, Chief Purpose Officer and Founder of Careers for Purpose and the Nonprofit Career Coach, a boutique company helping job-seekers, social enterprises and nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions. As an inspiring leader, in-demand speaker, trainer and one of the first nonprofit career coaches ...
The Philanthropy Podcast logo

The Philanthropy Podcast with Sean MacCready

About Me, Sean MacCready My parents never taught me not to talk to strangers or not to ask for money. When you combine that with an upbringing in a town where stories and relationships ruled, you unknowingly are destined to become a fundraiser. From my college studies to my work ...
TPF The Philantrepreneur Foundation logo

The ‎Philantrepreneur Foundation

Throughout her thirty-two years in the educational arena Dr. Victoria Boyd was a teacher and state consultant. She experienced extraordinary opportunities and toured with her students throughout the United States and around the globe to places as England, Scotland, and France. As an educator, she was awarded the National Educator ...
The Savvy Philanthropist podcast logo

The Savvy Philanthropist

Kirk Ross, host of the Savvy Philanthropist podcast, is a lawyer and full-time charitable advisor. He works with both charitable donors and charitable organizations to help them navigate the US legal and financial system in order to make the greatest philanthropic impact possible. He is an avid reader and writer ...
Savvy Servant Logo

The Savvy Servant

Jill Morris Smith is a PURPOSEPRENEUR with a moral compass. With over 25 years of experience as an internal and external relations professional in the nonprofit industry, Jill led initiatives from every aspect of the public sector---from grassroots organizations and professional associations to mega-ministries and the Federal government. This multi-faceted ...
Shephard Group logo

The Shephard Group, Frontline Fundraiser

Dan Shephard is Principal of The Shephard Group, which provides training, coaching, and consulting services focused on the skillsets most valuable to frontline fundraisers.   A veteran of the not-for-profit sector since 1986, Dan knows from personal experience the value to the charitable gift planner of being equipped with both the competence ...
Nonprofit.courses Banking expert Ned Miller of Third Act Consulting

Third Act Sales Consulting

Ned Miller is a Senior Advisor with MZ Bierly Consulting and the founder of Third Act Sales Consulting, which provides individual and group coaching to bank sales leaders on assessing and developing their teams to improve sales performance. He works with Executive Management, line of business heads and team leaders ...
Thomas Edison State University Seal

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University provides distinctive, high quality undergraduate and graduate education for mature, self-directed adults through flexible, high-quality collegiate learning and assessment opportunities. TESU was established by the State of New Jersey and chartered by the New Jersey Board of Higher Education in 1972.  Since then, approximately 17,200 have ...
Tracy Vanderneck photo

Tracy Vanderneck

Tracy Vanderneck has more than twenty years of experience in fundraising, business development, and sales. She has worked on leadership teams for organizations like American Red Cross, a private college preparatory school, and a large health care organization with budgets from under $1 million to $15 million, in fundraising, public ...
TVA Consulting

TVA Consulting

TVA Consulting is on a mission to help social entrepreneurs develop the systems and processes needed to strategically build and grow profitable sustainable infrastructures. Our services include: Professional Development & Training​ Strategic Planning Project Management Fundraising Grant Writing Program Design & Evaluation Board/Leadership Development Organizational Development Compliance Adherence Project Management ...
Uplifting Nonprofits

Uplifting Nonprofits

Sonia started Uplifting Nonprofits in 2010 with a crazy mission to “save” the world. Today, her mission is to bring mastery of fundraising to nonprofits, so they can be more successful in their missions.  She recognized that successful fundraising remains the number one challenge for most nonprofit Boards. So she ...
Utopia Experience Logo

Utopia Experience

Utopia Experience is a full-scale event management company that focuses on A/V, event production, videography and entertainment. Every organization has an important story to tell and an equally important audience to connect with. Many, however, don’t have the necessary resources, time, or team to effectively communicate their message. That’s where ...
Valerie M. Jones

Valerie M Jones Associates

As the president of Valerie M. Jones Associates, Val brings her intelligence, determination and spirit to the nonprofit world. Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience, she counsels clients on board development, capital campaigns, strategic planning, grantswriting, prospect research, development audits and plans, and major gifts. Ms. Jones, creator of her ...
Dr. Vanessa Enoch

Vanessa Enoch

Dr. Vanessa Enoch is the President & CEO of Cultural Impact, LLC, specializing in non-profit and political consulting, including campaign development, program evaluation & analysis, training, fundraising, media and digital marketing strategies, and website development. She has raised millions for non-profit causes. In 2014, Enoch took Cincinnati by storm, creating competition for local news ...
Vectors Group

Vectors Group

Vectors Group is a management consulting firm that helps non-profit organizations apply business practices to achieve and maintain high-impact and sustainable results. By leveraging best practices in strategic planning, funding diversification, communications, project management and organizational performance, as well as providing training, Vectors Group strives to help nonprofits in their ...
Victoria Matey events

Victoria Matey Events

Victoria Matey / Matey Events is a business event consultancy specializing in applying scientific insights into human behavior and mind. Victoria Matey creates memorable, engaging, and attendee-retaining events. For event organizers who need fresh ideas, an outside perspective on their event's concept and program, and high-impact, low-cost solutions, Victoria is ...
voice of passionate professionals

Voice of Passionate Professionals

Voice of Passionate Professionals is a place where passionate professionals share their career experience, express their passion for their job and give career tips. It is a community for all who want to get inspired by those who live passionate lives ...
nonprofit courses volunteer plain talk logo


VolunteerPlainTalk is a blog (and podcast) for and about volunteer managers and the unique challenges we face. Like most volunteer managers, I began my volunteer manager career with lofty intent. Over the years, I have been humbled, inspired, frustrated, renewed, downcast, amused and shocked. What a learning experience it has ...
Windmill Hill Consulting logo

WindMill Hill Consulting

Whether it was leading record-setting reunion classes, securing tens of millions of dollars from global corporations following some of the most devastating natural disasters around the world, or overseeing a team that grew donor engagement of major individual donors committed to historic preservation, Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE understands that fundraising is ...
Wired Impact logo


Wired Impact offers an easy-to-use website service built solely for growing nonprofits. Whether you’re a brand new nonprofit or an established organization looking to get more from your marketing efforts, you should be able to easily and affordably build the website you deserve. With websites starting at $69/month and no ...
wolters kluwer logo

Wolters Kluwer

See Wolters Kluwer nonprofit specific courses. WK is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors. Their resources provide timely, actionable insights in an end-to-end digital environment that empowers you to make informed decisions and ...
Nonprofit.Courses Bookstore WP Tonic

WP Tonic

WP Tonic WP-Tonic is a weekly WordPress podcast covering the intersection of WordPress & online course development using LMS (Learning Management Systems) connected business, and marketing. Having a great website is good for business. Having a worry-free website is good for you! See the WP Tonic Content On Nonprofit.Courses: ...
Yeeboo Digital

Yeeboo Digital

Yeeboo Digital is a collection of technical, strategic and creative digital experts with a focus on Fundraising, Technology and Marketing for the nonprofit and charitable sector. Our team works together with our clients to create unique solutions to strengthen brand, boost engagement and drive more revenue on the web. As ...
Nonprofit.Courses Bookstore Your Part-Time Controller

Your Part-Time Controller

Your Part-Time Controller Your Part-Time Controller specializes in working with nonprofits for one reason and one reason only: because they’re doing good deeds for society, they make our work rewarding. We want to give something back. Whatever the social cause, we take accounting worries off nonprofit leaders minds mind so ...

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Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience: a Kickstart

Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience: a Kickstart

The Course Whisperer, Cindy Nicholson works with entrepreneurs who want to create effective and engaging online courses.  As a former teacher and corporate trainer for over 10 years, she knows first-hand what it takes to create a course that gets real results. She specializes in helping clients translate their knowledge into first class learning programs.  Cindy has worked with many types of service providers, from doctors to leadership coaches, who now reach their audience in a different way and enjoy the benefits of earning an additional income stream.

Matt Hugg Nonprofit.CoursesMatt Hugg is president and founder of Nonprofit.Courses, an on-demand, online educational resource for nonprofit leaders, staff, board members and volunteers. He’s the author of the Guide to Nonprofit Consulting, and teaches nonprofit management at several universities, via the web, and in-person in the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe. Matt’s past work includes fundraising for the University of the Arts, Ursinus College, University of Cincinnati and the Boy Scouts of America. He has a BS from Juniata College and an MA in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

  • If you've thought about creating a course someday...

  • If you've started a course and haven't got it done...

  • If you've created a course, and want insights on best practices...

You have expertise that someone needs - whether that's your staff, your volunteers, or the world.

But today (and for who knows how long?) live seminars are a non-starter.

That's why the demand for recorded online education and training courses for nonprofits is exploding!

But you have questions...

  • What format do you use?

  • What equipment do you need?

  • Will it be expensive?

  • How about software?

And certainly more.

In short: how do you get started?

That's why Matt Hugg, President and Founder of Nonprofit.Courses, and Cindy Nicholson (AKA "The Course Whisperer") teamed up to bring you 

"Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience: a Kickstart"

A free, one-hour mini-course on how to get started building online courses. 

Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines

Our Content Experts embrace these 10 Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines:

Not all content qualifies for a connection from Nonprofit.Courses. The first two points in Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines are the most important.

1) All Content MUST relate to nonprofits.

Our focus on nonprofits is why you're here. However, not all of what can make you successful is found in the nonprofit community.

For example, we have an excellent set of short videos on Millennials in the workplace. Since there is a major generational shift occurring among nonprofit leaders and staff, we thought that it was important to offer this information, whether it was labels "for nonprofits," or not.

2) All Content MUST be Educational.

Nonprofit.Courses is an education and training platform, so whether the content is two minutes or two hours, it needs to be educational first. Most of our Content Experts have in the past, or currently work in the nonprofit sector, so they understand the need. They enthusiastically embrace this approach.

3) Content MAY NOT be product testimonials, demonstrations or training of a Content Expert's own product.

There are no "infomercials." Our Content Experts agree that having content like this is what their own website is for, and that Nonprofit.Courses is educational.

4) We have no "exclusive providers" on any one subject.

Ever see a McDonald's opposite a Burger King, two gas stations on the same corner or a Lowes down the road from a Home Depot?

Yes, its counter-intuitive: they placed their business near their competitors for a reason. It brings in more business. That's because they both know that if you're looking for a certain product type, it's easier for you to go where you can find it all in one place - if not one business, then the other!

Nonprofit.Courses operates on the same idea. If you don't find what you need from one Content Expert, its easy to find another - and you'll remember and come back to the first when you need it someday.

5) Content MAY NOT be politically oriented.

We want content that helps any nonprofit, regardless of their cause to advocate. For example:

a) Good: Five ways your nonprofit can connect with your congressional representative.

b) Bad: Three ways to stop the policies of [whoever is in office now]!

6) Content MAY NOT be religiously evangelical.

The nonprofit sector has deep roots in communities of faith. We will offer content that's "agnostic" (yes, pun intended). It must apply broadly, and not try to "witness" about one's faith point of view.

7) Content MAY be branded.

We all have "brands" to identify ourselves, whether as a business or a person (our mothers just called it something different: your reputation.) You certainly want to know who provided that great video you loved so you can find more. Branding is the way to help.

8) Content MAY be a part of a Content Expert's "content marketing" strategy."

Content marketing is old and new.

It's old, because showing or telling someone how to do something was always a great way to prove you could help them with similar problems.

Content marketing is new because with the advent and popularity of the internet, there's no better place to show off your skills, and thus offer your services to others.

So consider that some of the content on Nonprofit.Courses is a way for Content Experts to provide good and valuable information as a way to not just help you, but to show you they they are experts in what they're presenting.

9) Content MAY direct learners to a website...

...for more information about a business - whether before you view their content (signing in to see their video, for example), or in the content, itself (as in "want more of what I'm talking about, go to my website to get the free document.")

Our Content Experts would love to be able to "talk" to you on an ongoing basis through there newsletter, for example. Please consider doing this as a way to support encourage and support their providing content to Nonprofit.Courses

10) Content production quality SHOULD be as high as the Content Expert is able to produce.

Don't worry. You won't find "robo-voices."

After years of discerning content for academic purposes, NpC President Matt Hugg has an eye for content that is easy to use.

However, please be tolerant of the production quality. Remember that those providing the education on Nonprofit.Courses are CONTENT Experts, not professional videographers, audio engineers or PowerPoint mavens.

A couple of more things...

Free vs. Premium

Free: Nonprofit.Courses is dedicated to having at least 50% of its content available for free (although some may require providing contact information to the Content Expert.)  What's great is that these free courses are really good. They're free because the Content Expert wants to show off their skills (see #8, Content Marketing, above) or they decided that it was important to their personal mission to make the content available at no cost.

Premium: Premium courses are those you pay for. These are great, too. They could be longer than most free courses, offer special insights or lead to earning continuing education credits.

While we have a small number of courses where you pay Nonprofit.Courses directly, most transactions are through the Content Expert's site.

It's important for you to know that nearly all of the paid courses are under "affiliate agreements," which means that a portion of your fee comes back to Nonprofit.Courses. We hope you support those courses, since:

  • The course's price is no different than going direct to the source.
  • The money helps keep Nonprofit.Courses up and running.
  • The Content Expert sees value in adding more content to Nonprofit.Courses.

As for what the Content Experts say... remember, they are presenting their opinions.

You have no obligation to follow them, and you might find a contrary opinion in the next video, podcast or book. While we at Nonprofit.Courses do our best to connect you to good information, it is the Content Expert, not Nonprofit.Courses who is responsible for that information. By using the website, you agree to these conditions. (see more on our use policy here.) Oh, and we reserve the right to bend the guidelines if it seems the right thing to do.

Have a question? No problem. Pop us a note.

Thanks for learning more about Nonprofit.Courses.

Matt Hugg Online Nonprofit Courses




Matt Hugg, President & Founder


Ready to find your course? 

Use our Advanced Search to find an example.

Become a Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert.

There's a number of important benefits to having your content featured on Nonprofit.Courses:

  • You join a select group. While there are thousands of people and organizations who produce content for the nonprofit/charity sector, just a few have the quality and focus that we look for.
  • You get access to an important marketing platform. Most consultants, business and other people who create educational videos and podcasts invest their valuable time and money as a marketing tool to show off their skills to potential clients, employers or others. Yet this investment doesn't pay back nearly what it could because their great product gets lost in the ocean of general content on YouTube or Vimeo, blocked from view on a membership website, or because their own website doesn't get much traffic. Nonprofit.Courses is all about focusing on the nonprofit sector. That way it gives you access to thousands of potential clients who probably never would have seen you otherwise, because everyone coming to the site is there to learn something about nonprofits.
  • You get backlinks. Backlinks? Backlinks are when another website connects to your website. It's a valuable and important way to build your own site's traffic, and thus, more business for you. Not only is does every course get linked to its source on your website, YouTube channel or other platform, each course is connected to your primary website. That increases your site's SEO value.
  • You get  your own Content Expert page. While we're talking about backlinks, there's even more of them on your Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert page. Each Content Expert gets their own webpage on the Nonprofit.Courses system with a bio or company description, your photo or logo, and links to your webpage or LinkedIn page, and if you have one, a link to your blog. On that same page we also list all your Nonprofit.Courses content, and any books you authored.
  • Each course, podcast or other content gets it's own page. Every content item (like a podcast series or video) get its own page on Nonprofit.Courses. So if you've done 20, five minutes videos on special events, then each one will probably get its own page. That's more backlinks for you, and potential traffic for your site.
  • Are you an author? If you've written, coauthored or contributed to a book, we're pleased to help your sales by adding it to our bookstore page and your Content Expert page. (By way of transparency, these are links through Amazon, so Nonprofit.Courses earns for each qualified sale.)
  • You don't loose control of your content. This is really important. Nonprofit.Courses connects directly to your content. In only a very few cases do we directly host content (If our hosting your course interests you, let us know.) That means that when someone clicks through your course's page on Nonprofit.Courses to see your content, they go directly to your website, YouTube channel of whatever platform hosts your material. You can collect their name, or just know that you're getting views - it's up to you.
  • And best of all, it's free. If the content we connect to from Nonprofit.Courses is free on your website (and we count content that you "gate" by asking for a viewers name/email as "free," as long as you're not asking for money) then it's free to feature on Nonprofit.Courses - as is your Content Expert page and any book listings.

(Have questions? Scroll down past the form.)

Want to be a part of the Nonprofit.Courses story? Then start by filling out this form (if you you don't have content or don't want to share it yet, then don't worry about the upload sections)... and if you don't have a webpage, your LinkedIn page is fine.

Have questions? Here are some answers:

  • What defines a "course"? A course is any video or audio (podcast) that educates someone on a particular topic relating to nonprofits.
  • Does my content have to be nonprofit specific? Usually, yes. However, areas for which nonprofit specific content is not available, and other topics that nonprofit staff and volunteers would benefit from and are more general in nature will be considered.
  • How do you describe my course? With your permission to post a course, Nonprofit.Courses will use the course descriptions you have on your website, YouTube Channel or other host. Please provide an alternative if you would rather something different. Nonprofit.Courses may change some of the verb tenses (typically from first to third person) or make other minor adjustments for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Also, unless you provide a specific graphic for your course, we will "snip" an image from your video or use your logo to create a "course cover" image.
  • Do I give up content ownership? No, not at all. Since we connect to your content (and don't host it), anything we connect to is owned by the people, business or organization who created it.
  • Are all your courses posted with my permission? Yes. Any course you see is provided with permission of the content owner (the Content Expert.)  We do NOT just link to any videos or podcasts we find on the web.
  • What if I want to take my course down? While we would be disappointed (after all, if it's on the site, we wanted to have it for our viewers), it's your content, so if you later decide that you don't want us to link to it, just let us know.
  • What if I have more content? Great! If it meets our standards, (and if you're already a Content Expert, it probably does) than we're glad to have more!
  • Can I post my product or "system" videos? No. Nonprofit.Courses is all about education and training. Content which promotes a specific product or proprietary system owned by the content producer will not be featured as courses. However, we would welcome paid advertising for these.
  • What about religious or political content? While many nonprofits are faith-based or work in the political sphere, content cannot be "evangelical" in nature to one political or religious point-of-view. Content that relates to politics or religion must be applicable to everyone interested in those areas, regardless of their beliefs. For example, a video on "Five ways to defeat [elected official name here]" would not be allowed. However, "Five ways you can advocate for your mission with elected official without jeopardizing your nonprofit status," would be great.
  • How long does my content need to be? We broadly define a "course." We like to say that we take content that's anywhere "from less than five minutes to more than five hours." That said, there are some best practices which can help. Shorter tends to get more views. Entire courses, or segments of courses, that are between five and 20 minutes tend to do better than full hour webinars. But if a full hour (or more) webinar is what you have (and you'll see a number of them on Nonprofit.Courses) then no problem.
  • Does my work need to be professionally produced? No. Nonprofit.Courses is about educational content. Therefore, your Zoom recorded webinar, your desktop recorded "five points" video, or a recording of a live seminar is usually fine. That said, higher quality video and audio tends to get more views, so do your best. We accept no content that has a "robo" voice over, and reserve the right not to connect to content that's just really bad.
  • Do you offer help with content production. Nonprofit.Courses is happy to partner with The Brainy Girl and The Course Whisperer to help anyone who wants to "up their game" in course production.
  • I do a podcast. Does each episode get listed? Typically we list the podcast series, not each episode (unless a specific episode is unique in some way.) We highly encourage you to post each episode on the Events Calendar.
  • I do live events. Can they get listed? That is what the Events Calendar is for. Please, submit your seminar, webinar or live course. If you video the seminar, then let's talk about posting all or part(s) of the video on Nonprofit.Courses.
  • Is there a way I can enhance my listings? Yes, contact us for paid advertising opportunities.
  • What about my paid courses? For courses where you charge $25 or more, you need to provide an affiliate link for Nonprofit.Courses to receive an agreed upon percent of the list price. (If your site is based on WordPress, and you need an affiliate manager plugin, let us know and we can help you identify one.) If you use a platform like Teachable, it’s easy to generate a link.
  • Can I advertise? Yes. Nonprofit.Courses offers advertising opportunities in a variety of areas, from your banner or image on one or more specific pages, to email sponsorship and more. Contact us and we can put together a package for you at a price you'll be pleased with.
  • Will my competitors be on NpC? Could be, yes, but that's not a bad thing. Consider that McDonalds and Burger King, or Lowes and Home Depot are nearly always found near each other, and sometimes across the street from each other. Why? Because a common location draws more customers for everyone! The overall volume of increased traffic from similar offerings means your chances of finding the "right fit" client are greatly enhanced.
  • Why are you doing this? For a lot of reasons... but mostly that the founder of Nonprofit.Courses is an advocate of nonprofits, and education of nonprofit leaders. He's taught and lectured around the world at academic nonprofit management programs. He's seen what good education can do for nonprofit staff, boards and volunteers - and most important, how damaging lack of education can be for a nonprofit and how it can hold back a great mission. Also, as a consultant to nonprofits, Matt saw that so many have amazing expertise, but have no place to show their great work. He sees Nonprofit.Courses as a Win (for nonprofits) / Win (for the businesses and people who support them).

Did we miss something? Just ask.

Nonprofit.Courses Content Experts Resources

Marketing Your Video on Nonprofit.Courses

Promoting and Marketing your Video on Nonprofit.Courses

Read below to learn how you and Nonprofit.Courses can make your course more marketable.

Marketing your video on Nonprofit.Courses is more than just shouting to the world that you have a course. Each element of your course development can have an impact on whether it becomes the marketing and educational tool you intend.

While not all of these steps are required (and if you are posting content, like a webinar, that’s already created, you won’t be able to do many of them), think about each as you begin to make any course content you have in mind.

Ready to get going? Let's Talk.

As you prepare your video

Before you put yourself on camera or open PowerPoint, you have a number of tasks that will make your video much more marketable once it’s complete and posted to Nonprofit.Courses. These include:

Developing an idea of exactly who you intend to view your course, your target. Consider their:

  • Role in a nonprofit organization.
  • Organization’s mission.
  • Organization’s size.
  • Career level.
  • Age.
  • Sexual identity.
  • Education.
  • And more.

When you’re making your video, have this person in your mind. Speak to that person.

Focusing your subject.

Video, while effective, is also an inefficient means of communication. Think of your local nightly news television broadcast. If you had their script in your hand in print, it might take you ten minutes to read the 30-minute airtime production.

This means that tackling encompassing subjects, like “the annual fund,” in more than a lite, summary format will require intensive time and detail. Therefore, consider focusing your subject down to exactly your expertise and your viewer’s interests, like “Five Critical Choices for a Successful Facebook Fundraising Campaign.”

In Nonprofit.Courses, if each of the five choices is a meaningful three to four minute “lesson,” along with an introduction and conclusion, you will have a 15+ minute, seven lesson course. Think of adding a summary sheet, and you end up with content that your ideal viewer will love, and a clear demonstration of your expertise that you can market.

Outline your course.

Video is a linear format, and we’re trained by television and movies to expect it. Therefore, outline your course in a sequence that logically flows from one subject to another that will make sense to your ideal viewer. Writing an outline, even if just on an old piece of used printer paper, will go a long way in making your presentation useful to your viewers.

And while we’re at it, like we said in the Course and Video Parameters page, think about your script.

  • The case for scripts: Some people find scripts very helpful, if not essential. With a script you make sure that you cover all the points you intended. The problem with scripts is twofold. First, taking the time to create a script (hint: using a voice-to-text program can help) and second, sounding like you are reading a script. If you're using a script, run through it for practice until you sound like you're not reading a script.
  • The case for free form: If you know your subject matter "cold," then maybe you can go without a script. The problem in this case is that you can forget items that you want to cover. Therefore, if you decide to go without a script, have note cards handy to make sure you're covering what you want.

Creating a title.

As your think about marketing your video on Nonprofit.Courses, try to make your title:

  • Short.
  • Attention grabbing.
  • Focused on your subject.
  • Appealing to your target.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is very helpful in telling you whether your headline will attract people, and search engines.

Let's talk about how you get it done!

In the video

Once you have your outline created, if you’re using PowerPoint, it’s time to get your slides ready. You’ve probably heard of guidelines like these and more, such as:

  • “Don’t read off the slides.” Think of them as your notes, not your script.
  • Make the words on your slides “big and dumb,” in other words, easy bigger, easily read fonts using simpler words.
  • Use simple graphics to illustrate points or make them memorable. A subscription to a stock photo service helps with this, like iStock or Adobe Stock.
  • Select a background that reflects your brand’s colors and gives you plenty of room for your message.

These are nice parameters that tend to result in better, more marketable, videos that can show off your expertise.

While these are instructional videos, not overt commercials, you can make sure that your audience knows you’re the “go-to” person for the material you just presented. Mention your social medial links at the end, along with any contact information, and a brief description of your business – like:

“This is Jamie Smith. Thanks for watching. For more information on (your topic), or for consulting advice on (your specialty here), contact me at (email, phone number). You can get regular updates from me at [social media accounts], too.”

Whether you’re using PowerPoint or not, your logo or other branding elements should appear in the video, whether that’s in the corner of your slides, superimposed at the bottom of any live shots, or at the beginning or end.

A great way to help marketing your video on Nonprofit.Courses is to add supplemental files.

Now is the time to produce any supplemental files.

At minimum, if you are using PowerPoint, make a pdf “notes version” of your slides available to Nonprofit.Courses. (If you would rather, just send along the PowerPoint file and we can do that.)

If you are providing other files that go with your course, please provide them in a pdf format, and make sure that your branding and contact information are on the documents.

These will be included as a download with your video(s).

You can do this! Let's talk.

Between production and posting

After you’ve completed the production, there are some things you can do to make sure you work becomes one of the most popular videos Nonprofit.Courses.

You can do the following to aid in Nonprofit.Courses internal search, your Nonprofit.Courses page search engine optimization (SEO) settings, and if you choose, any external advertising you do.

  • Make a list of Keywords. What are the most important words or concepts in your video? For instance, if you’re doing like “Five Critical Choices for a Successful Facebook Fundraising Campaign,” then it might be:
    • Facebook
    • Fundraising
    • Social Media
    • And a word each that describes each of the five choices. Create a “Meta Description.”
  • A summary of your video of between 160 and 320 characters
  • A full-length description of between 100 and 250 words that will be posted on the course page.

Once this and other information is received (like a head-shot, bio, contact information), we post the course.

To market your video on Nonprofit.Courses, we also need...

  • A 250 word bio
  • A head-shot
  • Contact information
  • Your logo

All of this is for the Instructor’s page, course page, emails and social media.

What will you get from us?

  • Your course’s web address (URL)
  • A description of Nonprofit.Courses
  • A copy of our logo
  • Nonprofit.Courses contact information

These can be used on your website, email and social media.

Once the course is posted.

Once posted, the word needs to get out!

  • Email – we’re sending out an announcement to our email list, and you need to, too.
  • Social Media – We’ll announce your course on all our social media channels. You need to, too.
  • Networking – we’re proud to have you on Nonprofit.Courses. We’ll be talking about it, and we hope you will, too.
  • On-Site Feature – Occasionally, a course will be designated a “featured course,” and get special placement among Nonprofit.Courses content.
  • Paid advertising - Nonprofit.Courses will sometimes engage in online advertising through Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. You’re encouraged to do the same.

That’s about it. As you see, promoting and marketing your content is more than sending out and email and posting to Facebook. It runs throughout the process.

We're ready when you are. Let's talk.

Nonprofit.Courses Course and Video Parameters

Here the Nonprofit.Courses Course and Video Parameters

They help you put your best in front of everyone who counts to you. Think of Nonprofit.Courses as a content marketing platform to showcase your expertise while giving valuable information to the nonprofits who might like to tap into that expertise. Nonprofit.Courses Course and Video parameters help make sure that your content is just right for Nonprofit.Courses.

1. Content Focus:

• Nonprofit related. Your content can be about most anything related to nonprofit management or programs. Maybe the best way to think of what you could present about is to think "how to [put your subject here.]," such as "How to write a direct mail solicitation letter," or "How to run a Christmas Bird Count."

• Focus! If a subject seems too big, narrow it down to one aspect of that topic. For example, rather than "How to run social media for your nonprofit," you can focus on "How to develop the best social media policy for your nonprofit," or "How to get the most out of Facebook giving programs."

• Target! Have in mind a person who typifies your ideal viewer. Is that a woman who just started in fundraising out of college? Is it a man who transitions into nonprofit marketing from business marketing? Create an "avatar" in your mind (and maybe on paper) of your ideal viewer's sexual identity, age, geographical location, nonprofit mission, job function and more. Then, in your presentation, "speak" to that person.

Have questions? Feel free to ask.

2. Acceptable content types*:

• Instructional content meant for the education of a nonprofit audience on a technique or issue of importance to that audience.

• Promotional content created by or for a nonprofit program. This may be acceptable as samples for others to emulate. An example? A fundraising campaign promotional video.

3. Unacceptable content types*:

• Promotional video for overtly selling of a product or program. If you have a video to promote your business or introduce yourself or a product or program, we can link to in in the Instructor's bios.

• Instructional videos on how to use a particular product that you sell. For example, if you represent a gifts processing software firm, we won't accept a "how to" video on how to make a gift entry or run a report on that software. Those should probably go on your website and it could be a link in your bio or to a partner page. However, if you're an accountant, you can do a course on how to run QuickBooks for a nonprofit.

• Documentaries. Documentaries may be linked to in instructor's bios but are not the kind of content we are looking for on Nonprofit.Courses.

• Political content. HuggDotNet LLC does not endorse any political views. We do not accept videos that advocate a particular political view. Since many nonprofits hold advocacy positions, we welcome content on functioning within that context, as long as the material may be applied broadly and does not advocate a position in the video.

• Religious content not related to instruction on nonprofit programs. Similar to political content, we do not advocate a religious point of view. However, since many nonprofits are religiously affiliated, we welcome content on functioning within that context, as long as the material may be applied broadly and does not evangelize for a specific faith or faith perspective.

Violent, Sexual Content, Hate Speech, and more. Although many nonprofits work with violence prevention, sexual abuse, sex education, hate speech, bullying, and related issues, Nonprofit.Courses will not link to content we deem inappropriate. In general, we follow the YouTube Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual Content, Hate Speech, Firearms, Violence , and Cyber-bullying/Harassment on these matters, but we reserve the right to disallow content beyond their guidelines. If you identify our inadvertently linking to such content, please bring it to our attention immediately.

• Child related Content. Although many nonprofits work with children or address child safety, Nonprofit.Courses discourages posting content showing children, and will not link to content directed at children. Nonprofit.Courses endorses and follows the  YouTube Guidelines on Child Safety, but we reserve the right to disallow content beyond their guidelines. If you identify our inadvertently linking to such content, please bring it to our attention immediately.

• Copyright. Nonprofit.Courses will not knowingly link to content that violates United States copyright laws. If you identify our inadvertently linking to such content, please bring it to our attention immediately.

This is an important topic, se we created an entire page on Course Guidelines. See it here.

4. Length

The most popular question from Content Providers (CPs) is "how long?"

We've all been there - a boring lecture, whether live or online, droning on and on with no apparent end. Of course, you can end your misery. In a live lecture or seminar, you can walk out. Online, it's even easier: hit the "stop" button - and the chances of the viewer returning is slim.

We don't want that.

That's why short, meaningful segments are best. First of all, they fit into the viewer's day. Viewers can catch a portion to/from work on transit. They can see a few at home before dinner. They can catch one or two between meetings at work, or waiting for an appointment.

It also turns out that educationally, shorter is better, too. Our ability to retain is enhanced when we pick up information in smaller pieces than all at once.

At Nonprofit.Courses, a "lesson" is the basic unit. One or more lessons create a "course."

A lesson typically focuses on a single subject within the broader topic of the course. For example, if your course is about revenue generation for event fundraising, then you could have a lesson on organizing volunteers, one on selling tickets, another on selling brochure advertising, etc.

So, back to "how long?"

Developing lessons in lengths of about 2 to 7 minutes each is ideal. A lesson from 7 to 15 minutes is stretching it. Anything over 20 minutes needs to be extremely compelling or very much needed by the viewer to keep their attention.

How many lessons? Now things open up. You can have nearly as many lessons as you want (although beyond 10, we'll suggest that you group them together based on some commonalities.)

How few lessons? If you're doing a single lesson video, then 5 to 10 minutes is good. One, two minute video isn't recommended. We'll likely suggest that you either pair it with other content you have or create one or two new lessons to build up the course.

If you want to discuss this further, then let's connect about your course.

5. Presentation Method:

• Best: PowerPoint with an integrated live shot of the presenter. It's a combination of PowerPoint or similar slides, while concurrent with or alternating with live shots of the presenter speaking.

• Good: PowerPoint only. This is a traditional webinar format with a voice-over from the presenter.

• Okay: Focused live shot only. This is the presenter speaking into the camera with no other visual material.

• Bad: Conference room instruction. This is usually the least preferred due to poor lighting, sound issues and bad camera angles.

• Hint: Please discuss with us techniques such as backgrounds, screen shots and others for a cleaner looking video.

6. Script or not to script?

• The case for scripts: Some people find scripts very helpful, if not essential. With a script you make sure that you cover all the points you intended. The problem with scripts is twofold. First, taking the time to create a script (hint: using a voice-to-text program can help) and second, sounding like you are reading a script. If you're using a script, run through it for practice until you sound like you're not reading a script.

• The case for free form: If you know your subject matter "cold," then maybe you can go without a script. The problem in this case is that you can forget items that you want to cover. Therefore, if you decide to go without a script, have note cards handy to make sure you're covering what you want.

7. Promotion:

• You may use your own branding on any content you produce.

• You may mention your contact information and describe your services within the video.

• You can use your own developed products or techniques as examples of broader concepts.

• You may not post business or product commercials.

(See here for more on your video's promotion.)

We're sure you can do it! Let's talk.

8. Technical information:

Don't let the technical information scare you. This information is mostly for those who are making custom videos. If you have a prerecorded webinar or course, it's likely you already have this information covered. If not, the team at Nonprofit.Courses is happy to walk you through any technology issues.

Video Format:

• Best: "mp4" file format shot in 1080p or 4K. Good desktop cameras for less than $100 can shoot in 1080p. Many handheld cameras that you can tripod mount use this format, as well.

• Good: "mp4" file format shot in 720p. Many modern desktop and laptop cameras use this format.

• Okay: "mp4" file format shot with a cell phone video.

• Not preferred: "mp4" file format shot in 480p or less. Older laptop cameras may use this format.

Video Source:

• Best: Video files directly uploaded to your own cloud file server to which Nonprofit.Courses can have access.

• Good: Files uploaded to your Vimeo or YouTube account to which Nonprofit.Course can link. If you are developing a paid course, then the videos must designated as "unlisted." If you intend your course to be free, then the you can make then "unlisted" or "public."

Audio Equipment:

• Best: "Radio style" microphones like those from Samson, Blue and others are less than $100, usually available at big box stores, and produce nice quality.

• Good: Many headsets are very good for recording. Some are not. Test yours out. If doing live shoots, remember, you’ll have the headset seen on your head.

• Good: Many video cameras come with their own microphones, some of which are good. It depends on the model.

• Okay: Some cell phones also have good microphones. Using a headset can sometimes enhance the sound quality.

• Okay: Some laptops come with microphones that can be used, but as a class, laptop microphone are okay for calling programs like Skype or Zoom, but don't have strong recording qualities.

Recording Software:

• There are many video/audio capturing programs available, like Camtasia, and Screencast-o-Matic for instance. Some are also free (see here) 

• Many webinars can be recorded right off of the hosting program, such as GoToMeeting, FreeConferenceCall.com, Zoom and others.


• If you are doing any video that shows you speaking live, consider a "green screen" background. A large, portable screen that has blue on one side and green on the other that "pops up" when used is relatively inexpensive on Amazon, eBay or other sources. It's much better than a distracting office with piles of paper and a littered floor in the background!

We hope that you found the Nonprofit.Courses Course and Video parameters helpful. If you have any questions about the above, or answers to questions we missed, please let us know. We'll be happy to work with you on producing the best content for your Nonprofit.Courses video!

9. Permission: Permission is good. Here's a form for you and any guests so that there's no questions now or later.


(*The final say on what is acceptable or unacceptable in content, quality or quantity is solely at the discretion of HuggDotNet LLC or its assignee.)

Add Your Course or Webinar on Nonprofit.Courses!

Put your Course or Webinar on Nonprofit.Courses!

  • Have you created nonprofit oriented video, audio or written content? (If not, check out Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience: a Kickstart.)
  • Are you looking for a greater audience for your content?
  • Do you see your content as a way of driving more people to your business, or to boost your career?
  • Do you want to attract nonprofit decision makers to you, like staff, volunteers and board members?

Ready to do it? Let's talk.

Nonprofit.Courses is a content aggregator website that links directly to free and paid e-learning opportunities for the nonprofit community.

How does Nonprofit.Courses work?

  • Nonprofit.Courses links directly to your content, whether that's on your website, or a third party's like YouTube, Vimeo, Skillshare or Teachable.
  • Since Nonprofit.Course links directly to our content, you're free to collect the names of your viewers through your own website's gateway.
  • If your content is offered free to your audience, it will remain that way on Nonprofit.Courses, and you won’t be charged to post it.
  • If you decide to charge for your content, no problem. It will be listed as a premium course and you can work out an affiliate agreement with Nonprofit.Courses.

Learn More 

Why put your course on Nonprofit.Courses?

• Get found on the web:

  • Nonprofit.Courses is an easy domain name to remember and point your clients and audiences to.
  • Nonprofit courses will link to your website and video hosting channels (like YouTube) for better search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.
  • Your logo and link to your website will go on all your content, in addition to the Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert's page - and external links are a proven SEO asset.
  • Have you written a book that's on Amazon? Great! We'll link to that, too in our Bookstore.
  • Nonprofit.Courses will promote your course on social networks and through direct emails to its subscribers through it's regular "New Course Alerts."
  • Your Courses will be tagged with your name (or your business' name) so they're easily found.

• Get direct leads:

  • You get leads from people looking at other's content. By putting your course or webinar on Nonprofit.Courses, clients investigating the broad range of other courses available there can see your content, connect with it, and potentially become clients.
  • You get the contact information of everyone taking your course or webinar if you link to your own website's gateway page.
  • You establish yourself as a leader in your nonprofit-related discipline.
  • While we don't allow infomercials or product training videos, you are welcome to brand your content and even use your product or methods as educational examples.
  • The idea is to show off your work, and have people call you for doing what you showed so well in your course - and more!

What else?:

  • Passive income: A paid course (or "premium" as we call them), especially a popular course, can develop a nice stream of passive income.
  • You can turn down clients. Yes, you read that right. Have you had a possible client approach you that isn't exactly who you work with? Maybe they're too small, or their mission isn't the kind you serve. Rather than sending them away empty, and risking your reputation, send them to your Nonprofit.Courses videos for great information - from you, and others!

Want to start but not sure how?

FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not just post my content on YouTube or Vimeo? Those channels are great, but all but the most popular videos get lost in a sea of billions of other postings. Nonprofit.Courses puts you where your audience knows where to look for courses relating to the nonprofit sector, and with other courses that they might be interested in taking, too.

Won’t having other consultant’s courses on the same platform diminish from mine? Having multiple consultants on one platform actually helps promote everyone’s courses. Think of an intersection that has two fast food options, multiple gas stations, or two big box home supply stores. They do it because it becomes the place for that kind of service. Everyone’s business increases because the customer sees a wide variety of options available in one place.

Can I restrict my content? Yes. Nonprofit.Courses can make your content password accessible.

Do I own the content? Yes. Nonprofit.Courses is only points to your content. You own all content and rights.

Can I take my course down when I want? Yes, you can take down your course or webinar at any time.

How is Nonprofit.Courses promoted? Nonprofit.Courses is promoted by its own mailing list of thousands, and by each contributor who posts a course.

Can I create my own Nonprofit.Courses channel? Our system of tags does that. If, for example, you've done webinars with several businesses that are on Nonprofit.Courses, all of them will be tagged with your name - and a URL that you can giev out to others.

Are CEU credits available for courses posted to Nonprofit.Courses? Yes, for some, and even more coming. See here.

How are payments arranged for courses on Nonprofit.Courses? The only courses that Nonprofit.Courses accepts direct payment for are those we produce. Otherwise, we encourage you to use an established platform, like Teachable, and then we'll link to that.

Let's see if putting your course or webinar on Nonprofit.Courses is right for you. 

Learn more about Nonprofit.Courses' business model, here.