Leadership - Certificate

Certificate in Leadership

A Certificate in Leadership shows you take your role at your nonprofit seriously.

What is leadership and why is it important? How does a leader encourage change without triggering fearful resistance? 

  • What are the key elements to leading an effective team? 
  • What is the role of charisma in leadership? 
  • How can a leader achieve work-life balance? 

This suite of courses addresses all of these questions and many more. 

The courses in this suite offer advice on leadership that can help you stand out as a leader among your peers. 

Video segments introduce successful leaders who discuss such issues as how leaders become leaders, leadership ethics, and the differences between leaders, managers, and administrators.

  • Learner Satisfaction: 98%
  • Estimated length: 20 hours
  • Access Time: 365 days
  • Credits: 2 IACET CEUs / 20 PMI PDUs / 20 HRCI Credits / 20 SHRM PDCs

And Check This Out!

This course includes an “Ask the Expert” feature. You can use this feature to submit questions about course content. A subject matter expert will provide guidance or point you to additional resources for the topics you’re studying. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.

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