Creating Your Most Successful Year-End Fundraising Campaign

This Premium Course brought to you by Robin Cabral of Development Consulting Solutions

1 Lesson / $47

The calendar year-end giving season is on the horizon and there is no time like the present to get yourself situated for a successful above goal year-end.

In this webinar, I “take you by the hand” and lead you through a framework that I developed that will help you to plan your fundraising today before the summer even gets into full gear.

Among what you’ll learn is:

  • What key annual fund metrics ensure the health and effectiveness of your nonprofit’s fundraising program
  • How to use a “framework” to help you plan your fall efforts today
  • How to plan a follow-up to your efforts now before you need to take action
  • How to engage your Board members in the annual fund sooner rather than later
  • How to hit the ground running in fall to ensure that you go “above goal!”
  • And, much, much more!

Incorporate these simple steps into developing a framework for your calendar-year end fundraising campaign and raise even more contributed income this year towards your mission than ever before.

This webinar will come with complete tools and templates including

Calendar Year-End Frameworks Planning Template
Sample: Gift Chart
Sample: Health and Effectiveness of Development Program
Resource: Calculating Your Key Fundraising Metrics E-book
Sample: Pre-call Letter
Sample: Lapsed Donor Post Card
Sample: Campaign Thermometer

How to Develop Your Fundraising Strategy

This Premium Course brought to you by Robin Cabral of Development Consulting Solutions

1 Lesson / $47

3-hour value-packed online workshop by Robin Cabral

Having a clear fundraising strategy is essential for financial sustainability and to keep your organization on track with its fundraising goals. Aligned with your organization’s mission and objectives, a long-term, strategic approach will help you deliver the most efficient and effective fundraising program.

There are many things to think about when preparing a strategy, including any internal and external influences, likely income sources, fundraising methods, resources, and what budget is available, not to mention the current economic status.

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to structure your fundraising strategy, how to engage with your key stakeholders, develop a budget, and your priorities.

3 Keys to a Successful Capital Campaign in Today’s Hyper-Busy World

This FREE Course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

Over the past decade, fueled by new technologies, communications and business practices across all sectors have changed radically. The changes are shifting the way people conduct capital campaigns too. In this webinar, capital campaign masters Amy Eisenstein and Andrea Kihlstedt will explore new opportunities for creating more efficient and more successful capital campaigns.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple techniques to build real partnerships with your largest campaign donors
  • How to get the most out of your capital campaign consultant
  • How to build a powerhouse volunteer team for your campaign

You Deserve a Raise Today- Getting What You Want in Salary and Raise Negotiations

This PREMIUM course brought to you by NonprofitAcademy

What if you could negotiate a good salary for your next fundraising job? What if you could know, right from the beginning, what would make your boss give you a raise? When we take a job, we hope for a raise, but we don’t know how to get there. This session will provide you with the tools, perspective and power to ask for what you are worth and demonstrate your value to your supervisor and organization. Presenters share their own experiences and tips on how to ask for what you want, be transparent about what you need and build effective relationships with your supervisor.

You will take away from the session the following:

  • How to quantify and qualify your value to the employer
  • Strategies for tracking and describing your accomplishments year-round to increase chances of promotion
  • Tips for preparing for your performance review such as how to address topics of salary/raises, title changes and the negotiation of responsibilities that will lead to your professional success
  • Presenters’ own examples on negotiating salaries and other aspects of previous positions
  • Proven tactics for negotiating your professional and compensation goals (i.e. salary, promotion, benefits) comfortably prior to accepting a new job and/or after being in a position
  • How to move beyond working for less because you believe in the mission

Showing Love: The Mindset for Member Satisfaction, with Kenjie Davis

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Leadership Academy


Membership can create a vibrant community in an organization. But how do you grow membership and keep members engaged? Kenjie Davis is the expert on this and shows us how in this training. He will examine some conventional and nonconventional approaches to satisfying members and making them feel loved within your organization.

The Key to Inspiring & Engaging Your Mid-Level Donors

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

We’re starting to sound like broken records. We pay lip service to mid-level donors, we know they exist, but we have been virtually ignoring them for 10+ years. The truth is that they are a unique donor pool within our programs, with different needs, different giving behavior, and they aren’t inspired by or engaged in our work. It’s time to change that!


  • Find out the potential of a dedicated mid-level fundraising program
  • Learn the indicators of capacity and engagement-related behaviors that mid-level donors are showing you every day
  • Hear about the hybrid approach you need to implement to maximize revenue growth among mid-level donors
  • Discover 3 organizations exploring mid-level giving and seeing great results
  • Learn 7 actions you can take NOW to start seeing growth in your fundraising program

The Story of You: How to Create and Share Your Personal Story

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

Storytelling is essential to fundraising. By telling stories, we are clearly showing donors their impact and connect them to the work that they make possible. But there is one important story that we are forgetting to tell; our personal story that can be used to build rapport with donors. Stories help you connect more and engage more.

What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know About the Brain

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

Did you know that poverty physically changes the brain? Did you know traumatic experiences can do the same? Did you know that our brains are all biased against certain groups of people? 

The brain is an incredibly complex organ that impacts every aspect of our lives. If we can better understand the brain, we can improve our interpersonal relationships, work climate, and culture. We can also improve outcomes for those with whom we work. Learn how here!

Where’s the Story? Discovering Stories that Drive Donations

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

The word is out: “Donors tend to give twice as much when presented with a story” (according to Network for Good).

Storytelling evokes a human response that no sets of numbers can match. But a story is more than just a timeline of events. To touch your donors’ hearts, your nonprofit must know how to recognize a good story when it sees one.

Join Dennis Fischman of Communicate! Consulting to learn:

  • what makes a story more than one darn thing after another
  • the questions to ask as you put together your story
  • the questions to ask to GET great stories
  • the six stories you need to be telling
  • the four stories you need to STOP telling
  • and even ways to keep the stories ready for when you need them!