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Change Your Board into a Fundraising Powerhouse, by Supporting World Hope

Change Your Board into a Fundraising Powerhouse is FREE courtesy of Supporting World Hope

1 Lesson / 65 Minutes / FREE

Frustrated with your board? Questioning why you even need a board? It is time to stop struggling to get donations from your board of directors.

Imagine how much you could accomplish if every board member contributed their best gift and was enthusiastically involved in helping the organization fundraise.

Well, that’s not going to happen unless you educate the board and develop a strategic plan for their involvement. You can’t just keep asking them to “solicit their lists” – it’s not strategic and it does not motivate your board member or increase their willingness to be involved.

This highly practical and tactical webinar will share concrete tips and tools to help your organization motivate your board and get more dollars in the door. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

• Motivate your board to open doors to potential donors, funders, and partners.
• Educate your board on what it means to be involved in fundraising as a board member
• Engage your board and clarify what’s expected of each member.
• Transition non-contributing members off the board, gracefully.

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