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Changes and Solutions to Customer Service Issues Caused by COVID-19, by Lorman

Changes and Solutions to Customer Service Issues Caused by COVID-19 is brought to you by Lorman

Create change and innovation among your team to solve problems caused by COVID-19.

Before the pandemic of COVID-19 customer service was important to business success but today it is crucial. The current pandemic requires businesses to pivot, innovate and transform from what they were to a newer more vibrant and responsive organization. Now more than ever before is the time for businesses not to quiver but to offer power, differentiation and value to every customer. Creating new methods of customer service will mean the difference from just surviving the pandemic but thriving. This topic will provide immediate techniques for your staff, your managers, and your senior leaders to create change and innovation. Learn new methods to that will invigorate your business and provide differentiation and brand value. This topic will instantly provide tips, techniques and myths to assist you become a better sales negotiator and bring in more revenue to you and to the company.

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