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Children Reading Now

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

Custom Class: Learning materials fee for each child or family to be determined; under $100. Session fee: $100 per hour total for group of three or four children.

This pilot program teaches English-speaking children to read English easily without stress. The program features an approach that has been successfully used in person, extending it to reach more children by video.

The following format is suggested, but other formats can be structured on request.

Reading group (Group of children learning to read English by video call).

The reading group is comprised of three or four children who rotate through the session in fifteen-minute increments. Each child’s parent or designated adult attends the session, if feasible, and is given short exercises for daily follow-up practice with the child (15 minutes or less daily). Children within a reading group may vary by age and level, because each child is given individual instruction. Sessions with Dr. Slater are held weekly.