Communication matters with Carol Vernon, by Mission Impact

Communication matters with Carol Vernon is FREE courtesy of Mission Impact

We talked about: 

  • The four typical communication styles.
  • What shows up in communications now that so many teams are working remotely.
  • How people can keep networking even while face to face events are cancelled.

Carol Vernon is a certified executive coach and principal of Communication Matters, an executive coaching firm that helps leaders and teams elevate their executive presence and communication skills in order to grow their impact. Carol was inspired to start Communication Matters after years of observing that doing your job well isn’t enough. Without executive presence and the ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, leaders can’t achieve their full potential or achieve the results they seek. Previously, Carol was the senior communications director at the National Cable and Television Association, as well as acting executive director of the cable industry’s education foundation, with both people management and budget responsibilities. Prior to that she worked on Capitol Hill and on more than a dozen political campaigns. 

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