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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert.

There's a number of important benefits to having your content featured on Nonprofit.Courses:

  • You join a select group. While there are thousands of people and organizations who produce content for the nonprofit/charity sector, just a few have the quality and focus that we look for.
  • You get access to an important marketing platform. Most consultants, business and other people who create educational videos and podcasts invest their valuable time and money as a marketing tool to show off their skills to potential clients, employers or others. Yet this investment doesn't pay back nearly what it could because their great product gets lost in the ocean of general content on YouTube or Vimeo, blocked from view on a membership website, or because their own website doesn't get much traffic. Nonprofit.Courses is all about focusing on the nonprofit sector. That way it gives you access to thousands of potential clients who probably never would have seen you otherwise, because everyone coming to the site is there to learn something about nonprofits.
  • You get backlinks. Backlinks? Backlinks are when another website connects to your website. It's a valuable and important way to build your own site's traffic, and thus, more business for you. Not only is does every course get linked to its source on your website, YouTube channel or other platform, each course is connected to your primary website. That increases your site's SEO value.
  • You get  your own Content Expert page. While we're talking about backlinks, there's even more of them on your Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert page. Each Content Expert gets their own webpage on the Nonprofit.Courses system with a bio or company description, your photo or logo, and links to your webpage or LinkedIn page, and if you have one, a link to your blog. On that same page we also list all your Nonprofit.Courses content, and any books you authored.
  • Each course, podcast or other content gets it's own page. Every content item (like a podcast series or video) get its own page on Nonprofit.Courses. So if you've done 20, five minutes videos on special events, then each one will probably get its own page. That's more backlinks for you, and potential traffic for your site.
  • Are you an author? If you've written, coauthored or contributed to a book, we're pleased to help your sales by adding it to our bookstore page and your Content Expert page. (By way of transparency, these are links through Amazon, so Nonprofit.Courses earns for each qualified sale.)
  • You don't loose control of your content. This is really important. Nonprofit.Courses connects directly to your content. In only a very few cases do we directly host content (If our hosting your course interests you, let us know.) That means that when someone clicks through your course's page on Nonprofit.Courses to see your content, they go directly to your website, YouTube channel of whatever platform hosts your material. You can collect their name, or just know that you're getting views - it's up to you.
  • And best of all, it's free. If the content we connect to from Nonprofit.Courses is free on your website (and we count content that you "gate" by asking for a viewers name/email as "free," as long as you're not asking for money) then it's free to feature on Nonprofit.Courses - as is your Content Expert page and any book listings.

(Have questions? Scroll down past the form.)

Want to be a part of the Nonprofit.Courses story? Then start by filling out this form (if you you don't have content or don't want to share it yet, then don't worry about the upload sections)... and if you don't have a webpage, your LinkedIn page is fine.

Have questions? Here are some answers:

  • What defines a "course"? A course is any video or audio (podcast) that educates someone on a particular topic relating to nonprofits.
  • Does my content have to be nonprofit specific? Usually, yes. However, areas for which nonprofit specific content is not available, and other topics that nonprofit staff and volunteers would benefit from and are more general in nature will be considered.
  • How do you describe my course? With your permission to post a course, Nonprofit.Courses will use the course descriptions you have on your website, YouTube Channel or other host. Please provide an alternative if you would rather something different. Nonprofit.Courses may change some of the verb tenses (typically from first to third person) or make other minor adjustments for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Also, unless you provide a specific graphic for your course, we will "snip" an image from your video or use your logo to create a "course cover" image.
  • Do I give up content ownership? No, not at all. Since we connect to your content (and don't host it), anything we connect to is owned by the people, business or organization who created it.
  • Are all your courses posted with my permission? Yes. Any course you see is provided with permission of the content owner (the Content Expert.)  We do NOT just link to any videos or podcasts we find on the web.
  • What if I want to take my course down? While we would be disappointed (after all, if it's on the site, we wanted to have it for our viewers), it's your content, so if you later decide that you don't want us to link to it, just let us know.
  • What if I have more content? Great! If it meets our standards, (and if you're already a Content Expert, it probably does) than we're glad to have more!
  • Can I post my product or "system" videos? No. Nonprofit.Courses is all about education and training. Content which promotes a specific product or proprietary system owned by the content producer will not be featured as courses. However, we would welcome paid advertising for these.
  • What about religious or political content? While many nonprofits are faith-based or work in the political sphere, content cannot be "evangelical" in nature to one political or religious point-of-view. Content that relates to politics or religion must be applicable to everyone interested in those areas, regardless of their beliefs. For example, a video on "Five ways to defeat [elected official name here]" would not be allowed. However, "Five ways you can advocate for your mission with elected official without jeopardizing your nonprofit status," would be great.
  • How long does my content need to be? We broadly define a "course." We like to say that we take content that's anywhere "from less than five minutes to more than five hours." That said, there are some best practices which can help. Shorter tends to get more views. Entire courses, or segments of courses, that are between five and 20 minutes tend to do better than full hour webinars. But if a full hour (or more) webinar is what you have (and you'll see a number of them on Nonprofit.Courses) then no problem.
  • Does my work need to be professionally produced? No. Nonprofit.Courses is about educational content. Therefore, your Zoom recorded webinar, your desktop recorded "five points" video, or a recording of a live seminar is usually fine. That said, higher quality video and audio tends to get more views, so do your best. We accept no content that has a "robo" voice over, and reserve the right not to connect to content that's just really bad.
  • Do you offer help with content production. Nonprofit.Courses is happy to partner with The Brainy Girl and The Course Whisperer to help anyone who wants to "up their game" in course production.
  • I do a podcast. Does each episode get listed? Typically we list the podcast series, not each episode (unless a specific episode is unique in some way.) We highly encourage you to post each episode on the Events Calendar.
  • I do live events. Can they get listed? That is what the Events Calendar is for. Please, submit your seminar, webinar or live course. If you video the seminar, then let's talk about posting all or part(s) of the video on Nonprofit.Courses.
  • Is there a way I can enhance my listings? Yes, contact us for paid advertising opportunities.
  • What about my paid courses? For courses where you charge $25 or more, you need to provide an affiliate link for Nonprofit.Courses to receive an agreed upon percent of the list price. (If your site is based on WordPress, and you need an affiliate manager plugin, let us know and we can help you identify one.) If you use a platform like Teachable, it’s easy to generate a link.
  • Can I advertise? Yes. Nonprofit.Courses offers advertising opportunities in a variety of areas, from your banner or image on one or more specific pages, to email sponsorship and more. Contact us and we can put together a package for you at a price you'll be pleased with.
  • Will my competitors be on NpC? Could be, yes, but that's not a bad thing. Consider that McDonalds and Burger King, or Lowes and Home Depot are nearly always found near each other, and sometimes across the street from each other. Why? Because a common location draws more customers for everyone! The overall volume of increased traffic from similar offerings means your chances of finding the "right fit" client are greatly enhanced.
  • Why are you doing this? For a lot of reasons... but mostly that the founder of Nonprofit.Courses is an advocate of nonprofits, and education of nonprofit leaders. He's taught and lectured around the world at academic nonprofit management programs. He's seen what good education can do for nonprofit staff, boards and volunteers - and most important, how damaging lack of education can be for a nonprofit and how it can hold back a great mission. Also, as a consultant to nonprofits, Matt saw that so many have amazing expertise, but have no place to show their great work. He sees Nonprofit.Courses as a Win (for nonprofits) / Win (for the businesses and people who support them).

Did we miss something? Just ask.