1832 Communications

Through 1832 Communications Ephraim Gopin helps nonprofits raise more money through strategic and smart marketing and communications.

Ephraim founded 1832 Communications to partner with nonprofits to craft strategies which improve their website content, enhance their online digital presence, upgrade their email marketing, increase the efficacy of their marketing and fundraising collateral and advance their communications and media outreach efforts.

Your bottom line? We’re gonna give it a boost.

Ephraim is a third-generation nonprofit executive and fundraiser. Over the last two decades, he has worn all the hats: CEO, fundraiser, alumni director, grant writer, event organizer, marketing and communications director for both nonprofits and foundations.

He is the publisher of the popular daily nonprofit newsletter, Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit (YDDN). Every Monday through Thursday, YDDN delivers to your inbox content relevant to any nonprofit role you fill. Content that will help you learn, grow and provide actionable items you can implement at work.

Ephraim is also the host of the Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit podcast. The podcast introduces you to sector leaders and experts who supply you with the information you need to better serve your service recipients and clients.

Always happy to connect, talk shop and help you boost your bottom-line results, you can find 1832 Communications Ephraim Gopin on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ephraim is a new recipe cooker, 80s pop music and culture master, Boston sports cheerer, puzzle doer and Looney Tunes lover. He is the proud father of three young adults, all of whom disapprove of how he takes selfies.