At BuildGood, we raise money for great causes so they can do more good in the world.

We’re fundraisers, just like you. Our medium is direct marketing, and our heroes are your donors…good people looking for easy ways to do good.

We come alongside your in-house team, creating compelling fundraising campaigns that keep your donors engaged — and giving.

Are you like many nonprofit leaders today?

  • You’re so busy that you’re constantly putting out fires instead of building strategies to increase revenue.
  • You’re so close to your work that you find it hard to explain in a simple, clear and compelling way that will resonate with your donors.
  • You work hard to attract new donors…and then you struggle to keep them.
  • You know you need to communicate with your donors more often, but you don’t have the time to do it all.
  • You can’t hire for every skill, so you end up wearing multiple hats.

We’re here to help you.

You don’t need the headache of finding (and affording) in-house expertise or training for new skills. You just need a partner to fill in the gaps and create donor communications that win donors’ hearts.

When we become part of your team, we apply everything we know about fundraising to help you raise more money, retain more donors and build long-term donor value.

You can count on us to:

  • Create annual fundraising plans that increase revenue in the long term
  • Produce compelling direct mail fundraising campaigns
  • Increase giving through email fundraising
  • Create donor-loving newsletters that raise money
  • Write expertly-crafted cases for support that get the attention you need
  • Create annual reports that capture your donors’ imaginations
  • Teach and train you to improve your donor communications in the years ahead

The result?

You’ll be confident that your fundraising communication is in good hands at BuildGood.

You’ll do less work. You’ll have more time for the important things only you can do. And your donors will feel loved and appreciated.