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How Careers in Nonprofits started

By 33, Nurys Pedersen “had made it.”

A Vice President in Washington DC, her career was colored by promotions, welcomed earnings, and a desk in the corner office.

But a decade in, feeling unfulfilled and searching for more, Nurys asked herself, “what could I be missing?”

So by 34, with little income, and no staff, Nurys founded: Careers In Nonprofits.

Leaving everything behind, she moved out of DC, and she found a little office in downtown Chicago.

Upon arrival, Nurys began calling up local nonprofits. They were making a difference. And she asked if they needed help. They said, yes. So then, she started to recruit.

This time, her work felt different.

Today, Nurys loves what she does. And her #ILoveMyJob? mission has helped over 700 nonprofit missions find passionate, hard-working people across the country.

The Result? 

Careers In Nonprofits delivers heart-driven, award-winning staffing.

We understand that staffing a nonprofit organization requires collaboration. By partnering with HR departments, nonprofit CEO’s, and Hiring Managers across the country, we help advance missions that promote a healthier society. Because when we connect professionals to causes they love serving, we enable people to do their best work.

When you partner with Careers in Nonprofit, you receive an effective, timely, and accurate hiring process. We understand the importance of hiring the right employees for your organization the first time around. For over 10 years, we have partnered with nonprofits like yours in Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco and beyond.