Cox and Associates CPAs

Cox and Associates CPAs LLC is a full-service accounting firm that is experienced in all areas of non-profit accounting. We have worked with non-profit organizations since 1996 and have the experience to get your engagement done efficiently and effectively.

The firm was established by Cynthia Cox, CPA, with the desire to listen to, educate, and encourage your staff and key leadership so that they will learn and grow in their roles in your organization.

Cox and Associates CPAs has the reputation for being both professional and knowledgeable regarding the uniqueness of church and non-profit accounting. Our firm delivers outstanding personal service that reaches beyond just the annual engagements. We don’t want to just provide a product; we want to be our clients’ most trusted advisor.

Committed to Excellence

We value excellence, and we are committed to excellence in everything we do.

Invaluable Experience

We have more than 45 combined years working with churches and non-profit organizations. This experience includes, but is not limited to, audits, reviews, compilations, and 990s for clients of between $50,000 and $14 million in receipts.


Our firm uses licensed CPA’s to perform the assurance services and prepare the 990s. As CPAs we are committed to being lifelong learners by continually studying to keep our skills relevant in a profession that is changing constantly.


At Cox and Associates we are committed to educating you on the ins and outs of non-profit accounting. We will teach you best practices based on what we have seen work well for our clients throughout the years.


Even with the education and experience our staff has, we strive to be very approachable. We want you to ask us questions. There is never a stupid question; we are always available to help you navigate through the many rules and regulations of generally accepted accounting principles and the IRS.


Our staff desires to serve our clients. We spend time listening to your concerns and helping you find workable solutions. We also serve on non-profit boards as volunteers.

Tailored Solutions

We LISTEN to what you, the client, needs, and we tailor our services to best meet those needs. One example is our audit of a specified element. This audit is less in scope than a traditional audit, but it can provide more value than a review. It can be a great service for a non-profit that cannot afford or doesn’t need a traditional audit