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A Message From Demelza Marie.

I am Demelza Marie. Do you have a message to share but you’re struggling to make the impact that you know you could make?

Do you feel like you’re the unheard course creator but you know that, if you could just get ‘the break’, you could become the established expert in your space?

You’re learning all the things and working ridiculously hard and yet you have little to show for all your effort?

I have created resources specifically designed…

  • to help you feel more confident on camera and come across well to your audience
  • to know how to make your videos look more professional, even on a small budget
  • to know how to build a course business from scratch with an overarching strategy rather than taking a ‘pick & mix’ approach from multiple experts and not knowing how it all fits together.
  • Video is a powerful tool to boost credibility, professionalism, and connection with your audience and, knowing how to do video well, along with setting your business up the right way, will provide exponential growth.

I want to help you, as a course creator, produce high-quality courses that…

  • helps you stand out among your ever-increasing competition
  • provides a better user experience and transformation for your students and…
  • provides you the financial and time freedom that you’re looking to achieve.

So Why Choose Me to Help You with Your Online Course?
As an online course creator, you’ve got a lot on your plate so I know you need to choose wisely.

So here’s why you might want to choose me to help you:

  • I have a bachelors degree in film and video production with a minor in photography
  • I have worked on film sets as well as had 20yrs experience producing videos of various kinds
  • I have an entrepreneurial background – I know the challenges
  • I have taken many courses myself to learn how things work with creating online courses and marketing. This means I can see the big picture when it comes to creating your course.
  • I want you to succeed – I love teaching and seeing someone else get where they want to go as a result of my help. I would do it for free if I didn’t have bills to pay!
  • I lead with value first – you can find numerous videos on my YouTube channel that will give you some quick wins right away