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How dotOrgStrategy Helps Nonprofits

At dotOrgStrategy we know that nonprofits struggle to compete for the attention and support they need to do more good in the world. They’re frustrated trying to compete against viral videos and countless marketers. Your cause is more important than the latest trend, but it feels like no one cares.

Founded by master storyteller and nonprofit consultant, Boris Kievsky, dotOrgStrategy helps you harness the power of storytelling and technology to overcome obscurity and apathy to:

  • Find the audiences that love your work
  • Connect with and retain more supporters
  • Raise more funds and spend more time doing good
  • Courses

Learn the storytelling strategies and digital media tools to take your communications and fundraising to the next level with self-paced, actionable courses from top professionals.

dotOrgStrategy Workshops

Our half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops are designed to bring your team together around the power of storytelling and the strategies that can be implemented throughout your organization.

dotOrgStrategy Consulting

Whether it’s a new website or revamp, a new campaign or a specific challenge you’re facing, let’s work together to develop the best storytelling and tech strategies to achieve your mission.

Nonprofit Hero Factory – The podcast by dotOrgStrategy

Join us weekly for conversations with experts and thought-leaders on how to tap into storytelling, technology, best practices and latest trends to augment your communications and fundraising, maximize your resources, develop and deliver new programs, and generate revenue… so you can create a better world for all of us.