Vanessa Enoch

Dr. Vanessa Enoch is the President & CEO of Cultural Impact, LLC, specializing in non-profit and political consulting, including campaign development, program evaluation & analysis, training, fundraising, media and digital marketing strategies, and website development. She has raised millions for non-profit causes.

In 2014, Enoch took Cincinnati by storm, creating competition for local news agencies, effectively transforming the way they reported. Her comprehensive campaign changed the narrative surrounding criminal justice issues. Her campaign included radio, internet blogs, social media, television, and news articles for local and national publications.

In 2017, Dr. Vanessa Enoch received an award from the Society for Professional Journalism for her work. She has worked in corporate America for large and small tech companies and she has taught computers and business courses at the college level. Dr. Enoch holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, an MBA in IT from Xavier University, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Union Institute & University.