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Often non-profits have an advantage over for-profit organizations when seeking to operate as a TEAM.  The key to generating and maintaining TEAM is common cause.  When individuals within an organization are operating out of self-interest, they generate the experience of “group” – but when they operate out of shared interest, or a common cause, they have the power to elevate to TEAM.  At Group to TEAM Leadership solutions, we help activate the energy of TEAM by identifying the individuals sense of mission and purpose as it relates to the organizations mission and purpose.  We then teach practical tools and techniques to maintain and promote TEAM on a daily basis.

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions was founded by Certified Professional Speaker, Susan Leahy MA, CSP and business coach Freeman Michaels MA. Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions initiates a deeper conversation about what it takes to build viable, self-sustaining, teams.  The conversation activates an individual inquiry that can lead to profound personal and professional transformation.  This conversation tends to have an impact on every area of a person’s life. Freeman and Susan express their commitment to leadership in their families, in how they show up in their communities and how they conduct business.  Susan and Freeman believe that the world would be a better place, organizations would be more successful, families would be stronger and communities would be more united if the individuals within those systems were more capable and committed to creating and generating TEAM.

Susan and Freeman are the founders of this powerful and refreshing new way of looking at leadership and team building. As co-facilitators of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions live web-based trainings, Susan and Freeman don’t just talk about team, they model it.  Their unique co-facilitating style, coupled with engaging exercises and activities, creates a powerful experience of TEAM!

Group to TEAM Training, Coaching & Webinar Offerings Include:

  • Level 1: From Group to TEAM, Level 2: Leading to TEAM & Level 3: Building a Culture of TEAM
  • Making Meetings Matter – 5 steps to improving meeting effectiveness
  • Performance Reviews as a Coaching Tool
  • Why More Women Need to Lead – an empowerment program that isn’t just for women

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Let us help your non-profit upgrade your day-to-day operations to TEAM!