Erik Hanberg

Erik Hanberg has spent more than 15 years working with non-profits. In addition to serving as the director of two nonprofits, he has worked for nonprofits in marketing and fundraising, and served on boards and committees for more than a dozen organizations, often in leadership roles.

Erik Hanberg is the author of three books for nonprofits, focusing on fundraising, social media, and board governance. He was elected as a Metro Parks Tacoma Commissioner in 2011, a junior municipality with an annual operating budget of $40+ million.

He has three books on nonprofit fundraising, social media, and boards. He is the former director of two nonprofits and has served on a dozen boards of small nonprofits.

He also has a podcast called For Small Nonprofits that covers topics that affect small nonprofits, such as fundraising, marketing, social media, board leadership, nonprofit management, board structure, and a lot lot more.

The show interviews experts, leaders, and others who are on the front lines of what’s happening in the world of small nonprofits.