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Instrumentl is here to help you move the world forward.

At Instrumentl , we propel the best non-profits into a bigger, brighter future by building a better way to fundraise.

Instrumentl helps nonprofits and grant writers go from using tons of tools to just one tool for their discovery, tracking and management of grants, so that they can win more grants and save time.

With Instrumentl, you get personalized grant recommendations specific to your projects, reminders for upcoming deadlines and the ability to conduct all your research in one place.

Get organized and get results with your grant process.

At Instrumentl, we know because we’ve been there

Backed by years of personal and professional experience in the nonprofit and academic arenas, our team came together to create the most comprehensive source of grant and funder data in the world, and designed it around the needs of our community.

Founded in 2014, Instrumentl was built to help fundraisers make the best use of their valuable time and energy. We make the grant process faster, easier, and more efficient, so you can do what you do best: make a positive impact. We’re headquartered in San Francisco, and thanks to the thousands of nonprofits and academic institutions that use us to find their funding, there’s a little part of Instrumentl in every US state and country around the world.

We believe in the hard working folks that accelerate social progress and propel innovation. That’s why we think it’s time for the lack of available funding to stop getting in the way. Our mission is to help you move the world forward, one project at a time.

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