Joe Morrison

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Raiser Sharp Consulting was created by Joe Morrison, and is a Christian-led, mission-focused organization providing Fundraising, Leadership Development and Marketing/Social Media services to nonprofits using a unique service model that can best be described as “shared professionals.” Company management bring more than 30 years combined experience to the table, and we direct our services exclusively to the not-for-profit community.

In 2017, Joe Morrison, Raiser Sharp Consulting  founder, personally developed and launched the Donor Finder System, the world’s most effective high performance online fundraising program for nonprofit leaders that is available today. The Donor Finder System is a complete step-by-step system for growing your nonprofit using time-tested principles in education-based marketing and fundraising. Unlike other programs that offer fragmented pieces of the fundraising puzzle, The Donor Finder System is the completed puzzle itself; the core framework by which a nonprofit leader can easily build, measure and grow her donor base without getting caught deep in the weeds of social media, prospect research or trying to figure out “what elements to include on a donor page.” The system consists of three core elements that must be implemented the right way, in the right order.