Nonprofit Copywriter

Meet Freelance Christian Writer Kathy Widenhouse

The Nonprofit Copywriter

I’m Kathy and I’m a freelance Christian writer. I provide written content for nonprofits, ministries, and small businesses.

I also invest in freelancers and content writers to help simplify their writing learning curve.

Volunteer Turned Content Writer

Writing is a second career for me – one I fell into by accident when planning for retirement from in the military. (I spent 20 years as a flutist with “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band in Washington, D.C.) A letter in my mailbox invited me to take an online article-writing course. Soon I was earning periodical bylines and book contracts.

Then while serving on a couple of nonprofit boards, I learned that every business and every organization needs written content. (Lightbulb moment!)

I discovered there was a reason many small to -mid-sized businesses and nonprofits struggle to get their message out: most of them don’t have the staff or the time or basic copywriting skills to write good content. They need a reliable content writer to pick up that task for them or they need shortcut tutorials to help staff do it well.

And since I want ministries to succeed, I dove in. I took a copywriting course and was able to leverage my years of volunteer work and passion for ministries to write for them.

Along the way, 100+ articles with my byline have appeared in more than 40 periodicals, both print and online. I have also written 7 books (more than 100,000 in print.)

So if you’re concerned that you don’t have time or background to be useful, know that you can do this. The world needs good writers. You can learn this skill. I did!

What does the Nonprofit Copywriter do?

Today, I invest my writing time with nonprofits, ministries, and small businesses, helping them create written content.

And I use tools like my website and other resources to help content writers with tips and tutorials to make content writing simpler for them.


I’d love to send you content writing tips each week and please let me know if there’s another way I can help you and encourage you.